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And this is NPR news. And this is public radio Santa Claus is out. But not too many other people right lane. That is very true. Very quiet. We do have one incident. It's city looks like an accident. Eastbound twelve pass Lambie road debris in the roadway. But traffic has been incredibly light through that stretch light at the bay bridge toll plaza and mass transit were on a modified scheduled today. Elaine Lee young for thank you, Elaine. Her looks her report brought to you by mothers against drunk driving. We have a perspective now seventy six years ago in Nazi occupied Holland. A Dutch Christmas tradition became a brush with disaster for then six-year-old, Anita. Frank whose memories hotter to this day? Here's her perspective is December nineteen forty two and Cinta class. The Dutch Santa Claus is expected any minute. I'm six years old and terrified sitting with four children. In a small room in my foster parents house, I'm the youngest. And no he'll address me. I will he call me by my real name, Anita or leisure an Easter Jewish fugitive in hiding is a nice Christian girl not wanted by the Nazis. I feel sick to my stomach. I want to crawl in the whole, but I've nowhere to go before my brother, and I were whisked away from our home. Our parents have made it clear tell no one you're Jewish or be killed. I could not tell our foster mother our secret. There was no waste into class. Could have been for warrant Cinta class and thirst with his helpers what to Pete he looks at me and says militia have you been a good girl way for for the sweeps over from me. And I think Cinta clash knows everything. I can now enjoy his little present. I do wonder how we found out about my situation, but I can breathe again safe and grateful that is on missions knows no bounds. I am now. Eighty and. Will never forget where I sat what I thought. And how I felt during those excruciating minutes before Santa Claus called militia. I marvel at that little girl still believing a Santa Claus yet. So aware of the constant danger. Dobie would be among the few to survive the emotional damage was profound lifetime later. I worry for all those must live in shadows. Documented the dreamers worshipers of unfavored faith..

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