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45 and Steve dresner. And Dimitri starting with the nationals they were beaten by the Maryland's three to two in ten innings, Miami completes a four game sweep they've now won 12 of their last 13 meetings against Washington. Over to the American League, a crazy things usually happen at camp de yards, but the wildest game of the day happened at Camden yards tied at 6 bottom of the tenth with a runner on third. Texas pitcher Matt Moore hit the Orioles Jorge Mateo in the left leg, the winning rung comes in. Orioles beat the rangers 76 and ten innings. And Wimbledon number two Rafael Nadal served a 5 set scare. He advances on to the final 8 of lemon seed American Taylor Fritz also came up with a win, however, fellow American Brandon nakashima fell to Nick kyrios in 5 sets over on the women's side, one upset to speak of is number four, Paula bead does. It was beaten in straight sets by number 16, Simona Halep. Some food for thought now. The national hot dog and sausage council says 150 million hot dogs will be consumed on July 4th. That's enough to stretch from D.C. to LA more than 5 times. Now staying on the topic, Joey chestnut did it again. He won the infamous mustard build his champion of the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, chestnut, down 63 hot dogs buns included, and now is one 15 of the last 16 contests, Mickey sudo returned to capture the women's title by eating 40 hot dogs. Steve dresner, WTO sports

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