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Texas is likely to face legal challenges before it takes effect in September. Texas executed a convicted killer last night with another lethal injection set for next month. And this first season came to an end last night, and now we hang our hopes on next month's draft lottery more coming up W away I news time 6 52 now traffic and weather together. Hey, we get it. You don't want to be hearing a progressive commercial right now. So let us tell you something You do want to hear. You are intelligent. You make all the right decisions. You were smart before smart with school, and you made it cool again. You have a wealth of knowledge. And you are so very clever. I but you already knew I was going to say that you genius. There. Don't you feel better? You'll also feel better when you hear you would save big when you switched to progressive, But I'm pretty sure you already knew that to forget the casualty insurance company and affiliates as blues Great Albert King sang If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all. And that applies to millennials luck and buying a house Many we're just getting started with the housing market and entire economy collapsed in late 2008. And now, his Redfin's chief economist tells business insider millennials are boxed out by extremely low inventory and bidding wars. The pace of home buying might be slowing. The Realtors associations pending home sales index on Lee increased 1.9% in March. Most forecasters predicted 5% April might have been better. More homes hit the market and mortgage rates trended down. Freddie Mac's average for government back 30 Year fixed is back below 3%. 2.98% this week. Thanks to climate change the House lifting business is booming a growing number of homeowners along the coast or jacking them up to protect them from flooding. Diana Olick reports Ryan has is a foreman for Wolf House and building movers. He's lifted all kinds of homes from small ones. Just 7000 square foot mansion's got a lot of Work from Hurricane Sandy. And there will be plenty more. New Jersey tops the list of states with the most homes that based on projected sea level rise will see at least one major flood per year by 2050 more than 70,000 homes, according to climate Central. It's followed by Florida, California, Louisiana and North Carolina. From homes on the Jersey Shore. Do a 2000 Ton Historic waterfront building in San Francisco. As the water rises so too must the real estate. Hardly cloudy skies today rain chances Very glow. Look for high around 85. Critique behind those were the days Brian. Nah, sure, Nash of Frankie goes to Hollywood realized, uh, birthday today when we played that Mr T was shaking his head. And I don't know why. Because if my memory serves me correctly, I think you've got to relax T shirt. I've seen you in before shaking my head because I forgot to wear today something you did not know preceded by something that you may know, because I've told the story a couple of times here on San Antonio's first news. Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant, former coach. But Grant is 94 today. Might be the only coach to ever bench Tommy Kramer for something that Tommy did not not do on the field. You may know that. But Grant, Minnesota played their games outside at the Met. He used to get cold. And but didn't allow heaters on the sideline. The other team could use him, but he didn't let his Vikings players use heaters. During halftime of a game. C K. Grab yourself a bunch of rocks. Out of the sauna and put him into his coat pocket. So so when he was standing on the sidelines, he could put his hands in there in the rocks would keep him warm. And Bud found out about it benched him for the second half. Wow. And here's what I am Sure you don't know about Bud Grant. He played pro football. He played pro hockey for the Winnipeg Blue bombers, and he played pro basketball for the Minneapolis Lakers. I would be hard pressed to find an individual is played in all three of those major sports or any three major sports. Have a restaurant box.

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