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Like they they clear control lot but to be like make a promise me you're only going to think about me when you jerkov at the guy's a yeah okay and you're like our echoed that's good igf dumb because like if you it is being lazy is what it is because if you work at it you can control my thoughts that's true behind really care if you just put it yo they you tell me what to think than you are you're doing that it's just you're making me think exactly they will break you down man they are mental terrace is after it's mental warfare to the point that like i saw my brain react sometimes in ways that i'm like i am broke i am battered person that should not have been what was going through my brain right there and that is not a normal thought it's just years it's attrition of war of attrition were in the trenches and and they're gaining ground at all times but i promise i will be thinking about someone else when i jerk off no matter how much i'll lose not war that's how i mean that's how the world has kind of progressed as game of thrones house and where in seasons seven right now the for the world as far as like we are looking a death and destruction probably pretty much every day yet but also the chicks you the dangerous ones yeah the chiefly and anton star we all the patas dudes now sirc's the crazy pitch i'll tell you why at the crazy killer fucking sirtzi we certainly works the mental worth myrtle arya works the final thoughts are also works the battle than heiress works all of it they're all in control it's like the most his pocket shall everton is kind of how the world are going to our like we got nothing ability to find out the dragons are girls.

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