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Of Kardashian stuff. So I'm just wondering do we really really need more Kardashian us? But what's funny is I would say in two thousand seventeen that whole year like many Americans? I was unhealthy Lee obsessed with Donald Trump and everything that was happening in our country. Now, we're in two thousand eighteen almost two thousand nineteen and last year seventeen I was like I'm over the Kardashians. Too much Kardashians Kardashian overload. But now, I'm really thankful for them or Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan because to me is just a great escape from the reality of the world. We are living in and I think we need that. Do you? Because you know, there's a lot of people who say look, this is the last thing we need is escapism right now. Well, like the last thing we need in the United States of America is for people to be watching super super rich people talking about things that seem to have no value or impact in people's lives. Well, the great thing, and I'm intrigued I mean, I'm intrigued because you're saying, no, no, no, that's important. We need the Kardashians. What I love about. What I do is in between the Kardashians. In-between the silliness. I do post things of substance today. There's at least three or four stories on my website about Donald Trump, and I can do that. Because I'm the boss, and I share what I think is important and to me, I don't even call it entertainment news site. It's a pop culture site and politics social issues. Silly cat videos. That's all part of pop culture. And that's not anything new. I've always been political and vocal and. Fearlessly? So so I guess just finally Peres. What is your message? Now, what is the message of press Hilton? Now, the message of Perez Hilton is. Good question. I would say. To entertain or name that to infotainment? I'm an info -tainer I love to get people smiling to get people talking about a variety of different things sharing my life. My my family my kids my struggles talking about weight issues being a human. Mark.

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