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If. I was playing in early pick five. I probably single a shar in the first leg of the horses just ran terrible over the mud. The last couple of starts if you go back to the fast tracks and especially back to gulfstream. You're looking at speed figures. That are far ahead of everybody else but those were while ago and pleasures kinda cold right now but we sayas. Isn't he's hot But again i just thought that might be a decent place to single. Then you gotta a maiden race with the decently full field. I think a lot of people tracy flick on the outside is interesting because the horse is already broken her maiden that she ran second being a nose in a maiden at keeneland and got disqualified. She's been disqualified twice in three starts And then she actually bumped somebody last time but she didn't run very well. it was in a stakes race. She was five to one in a stakes race. You know after being disqualified twice in a hundred thousand dollars takes freeze on preakness weekend. So i think it was black-eyed susan dey fact but anyways certainly one that's gonna get a lot of tension. I didn't really like so you know my my way of going. If this i'm playing this big five is probably single shar Take a few horses in that two year old race. That are not the favorite on the outside but again it just to me. It's the secrets with not that many horses early on and so it becomes the fourth race is the logical spread race for everybody so e unless you can really scope out a bomb there you know you're you're you're kind of in bed with everyone else. Who's five six seven deep in there for deeper whatever it is because there's a lot of a lot of speed but there's just a lot of horses that are five four five six two one eight to one Even ten to one on like to lodge that make a lot of sense and given the way the sequence structures with everybody singling mala thought not everybody. But you know what i'm saying And probably people going pretty narrow. I mean there's a lot of people might single that sixty five and the i. It just seems like a really tough sequence to find if you if you hate now thought it's probably an amazing sequence but if you think mouth is a single where do you get creative. Because i said the leg that you're going to want to spread is the fourth and that's everybody's spread so i think you have to try to find in racists one two or three some real separators and maybe not spend that much to get them. Because as i said with that big big favourite anchor in the last. If you're singling mala thought. I think i don't think you want to be invested too many combinations. Unless you're really against most of the top horses in the first four legs and so anyways just thinking out loud looking at the sequence kind of thinking how it might shape up and That's kind of my impression. Always love to hear from you guys. Being podcast. achie- mel dot com. Don't forget we're going to do that. Qa segment so. I ended up getting a couple of dozen questions from you guys already. And we still have several days left so We will certainly make that a segment next week. Actually i just checked. There's more so But i would love to have more. Because like i said i you know some of the more we get. I'll just answer them a little bit quicker but You know we got a lot. And i'd love to keep getting more so just e mail being podcast jamal. Dot com put queuing in the subject. And look at you guys everyone of you. Qna question qna qa qna qa qna punic qna and egg like y'all like did it s. I asked which is so appreciated. So like i said it'll probably just be one segment of show but if we get more maybe it'll be the whole show. I don't know we'll see how it How it goes. I mean as you guys know. I could talk. That ain't any difficult for me. So but i just thought it was a fun idea and i'm glad that you guys are Seemingly enjoying the the idea of it. So we'll we'll try that next week. I'm gonna get a couple of other guests for next week. It'll be a lot of fun going to be a lot of fun here on the program. Let's talk to the jury guys when we come back after that. I'll talk a little bit about the del mar feature races. The eddie read san clemente coming up this weekend and Yeah we can preview dishes. Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires.

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