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These deep ocean organisms strange but he did basically and gives energy of chemicals to sing tonight sentiments carbon compounds and so forth it's like science fiction movie it's his wife that doesn't sound and we don't know what life forms exist there but back in nineteen sixty three when the French back discuss with an American navy officers when the wind down we know in the Soviet Union there was information did he actually cited an object with the multi will ports for tools of windows windows on it and ever since this has become a semi secretive territory. what does that do not know it's not far from American territory of Guam okay. it used to be very fortified American military presence there in nineteen eighty two at the at the height of the Cold War so cold cold cold war American airforce started minimizing its presence there all of a sudden. he you know he isn't credible also North Korea when they were going to shoot at Guam I was really I was wondering if they know what's going on if they have any understanding of the of of the interest that China and Russia I think to the territory. you may think I would shoot back in the Soviet times the Americans and the Soviets explore that area together and they're very interesting reports about the lowest platform that was actually lowered into the water so Mariana trench and somebody sheared off cables. so there's a lot well you mentioned that in nineteen fifty nine the U. S. handed over a territory are there were claims our rights to some landed the USSR that seems to be an even stranger time in our history for for us to be cooperating. I something else I wanted to let you know its is it in nineteen eighty five the KGB listened on I eat daily horseplay into them they said but they listened on on communication service Soviet scientific ship in the area of the Antarctica in let's say what Paul along the second that sounds like a really great story hold on a second because we need to take another break we'll come back and finish that story and I want to get into Lake Baikal that's the one where I think we've seen that we've heard stories about creatures as well as the Mariana trench and tongue goes go we're talking with Paul stone hill about his research into various mysteries from Russia and the Far East and we go into the break with Johnny Nash I can see clearly now..

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