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They probably wanted a bit more like a push towards that midtable and hold that midtable ground and not being relegated about and I do understand that because everyone wants to be in the primarily with the money that's going around. But I would say I don't think he had the squad to do that a really don't even with the additions that they made I it leaves a bad taste my mouth. Well, he will work again. I feel he'll kinda be thrust into that. There's this category of manager like the Alan Pardew. The Mark Hughes's. I think he's better than those. He might be. But I feel like, you know, these managers who just you almost forget like Tony pulic. You almost forget where they even are, you know, they're managing somewhere. But it's just like they they're on that Mary go round. It'll be somewhat hard tater twelve mention our friend, Alan Pardew in terms of the union revolution job. I mean, if we had access on a regular basis to house of pirates that will be amazing that that would be something. I look forward to that happening. Even though I doubt it will JJ. There's really only one way now for us to end the season. Okay. Gods? There's only one way that we can really end the season. And that is with your two thousand eighteen nineteen primarily true. I'm tired. I don't wanna do this. God. It's not about want. It's what you're going. Do. It's what's happening. All right. So wrap your mind around. Here we go this keeper finished the season with twenty one clean sheets. Second most in the Premier League era. Edison. Allison, Allison Becker. Allison Becker since like, the main character of like a coming of age teen comedy like an attractive, girl and can't hardly wait. Amanda, beckett. Allison Becker what season he's had despite the couple of mistakes. Let's see this year. We had a three way tie for the golden boot winner with Monay Sala and a bombing. It's the first three way tie since ninety eight ninety nine when these three wanted Michael Owen? Yeah. Alan shearer. No, Michael Owen? Paul school, Michael Owen? Andy cole. No, michael. Dwight your mic alone. White your the last one is the tough one. What was the to me at the time leads Jimmy Floyd hostile back. There you go. That was a big hint one of the biggest ever stop. Let's see Tottenham finish the year with thirteen losses. That's the most for a top four team since this club. Her teen losses. Finished in the top four Ipswich Town Everton in four zero five Everton. Let's see a couple more here. JJ you're doing. This is respectable solid. Not amazing. But. On me. Well, what are you going to study? I mean, come on. No, it's all about humiliating me. There was one player from a non top six side that finished in the top ten in both goals and assists this season. Just one can you name that player James, Madison? No, good guess. But no. Oh, my missing. Goal is an assist. He's a striker not him in. No good guests, though, Callum Wilson routine goals, which was nine and then nine assists, which was eight. Few more Vincent company joined an elite list this week and he's one of just three team captains to win four Premier League titles..

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