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To say. We needed ten days ten days. That's all we're asking for. And if he would have come out and said we need ten days and look. I'm not looking for eleven thousand. I do believe. I won. But i'm not looking for just the number i that you cannot have. People not believe in the vote. It is important for america going forward that we believe in the vote. So i'm not motivated to prove what i do believe is true. I'm motivated to find out. Exactly what happened. And if we can't prove it in ten days that's fine but there needs to be a special counsel to find out. Because americans need to believe in something i think he could have really had an impact. Now he is a guy who keeps coming back and coming back come back after he's been punched down but he's not going to have the bully pulpit to do it now. That'd be very difficult for him now. He had a sweet republican kingmaker. Role carved out that would have been an amazing life with lots and lots of power. And i think also i still pretty much believe he's gonna wind up running again so but you know look. I don't know who you're right. He's overcome odds before i just. I think anything past safe harbor day was was was was harmful and what. He's you know the way he's pushed this to the very very end. I think is is has been wrong and it's been hurtful to the come to the country and i think we saw consequences from it I i think he could handle the differently. But i do understand. You know it's frustrating. My wife keeps saying like can you imagine going through what he's gone through. No i mean he's been going through these four years of everyone beating you up every single day lying about you. I mean this has got to change as a person. It's gotta put so much stress on you but the job i mean you sign up for these things and it's really hard to hit a free throw with three seconds left to so and you gotta do that your gig. I have to tell you. I really feel for him because i really feel. He's alone absolutely alone and has been for four years and has taken more. Beatings to the head than anybody. I've seen a more beatings to the head than mohammed ali had And in he has stood the entire time. I understand his righteous anger His belief that really really I it gets down to this. You're gonna do this too and nobody's gonna stand up. I get it but he needed to say early on. I will never until it's proven. I will never believe i didn't win. But if that's what congress and the people say I will leave on january twentieth. There will be a peaceful transition of power..

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