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Because so I wanted to be completely prepared for talking to today. And I finally got to watch the, the Ron, Clark story, the movie, and, and when you go to the class that you, you tell the class, you know, we are family, and I was, I was thinking, you know, what sort of parallels were there for you in terms of what you did with the students with what you were doing with these other players that were in the game. And, and how is that different that relationship between your competitors and your students? Yeah. Mojo teaching philosophy is you weren't kissed. They are family were team. Let's work together. You uplift each other. If you uplift people around you. Yup. Look yourself you put around your down yourself down. So in my class is. The school, also his whole energy of us work together and be a team. So I did the same thing we have songs in my school. I did songs on the island. It was all about getting everyone to feel comfortable. The only difference is at my school. I'm trying to build bonds for life at Hama I was trying to build on for as long as needed bonds to be right for redefines. But I'm when I get there to comma the very first moment like Eric in Julie, and I end up at the watering hole, and we kind of forged this group where we were just really tied Eric Pohlmann to the side, and he's like, Harry like you a lot. He's like we're very different. I don't think people would assume we're working together. He said, why don't you and I work together a Sigalas be one too. But what we should do is, we should never interact with each other. So this Atlit we don't even really care that much because then people won't assume that we're working together in. So we got we got away without for a while. Ah told him benefit. I want you to get Gavin make Gavin feel like. We're going to be his one to make him Billick. He's in charge. I'm gonna go get Julia and make her feel like she's my one to she's in charge that way like in control of what's going on on. So he goes to Gavin on also hook line hook line, and sinker. I go to Julia in Julius like I don't know. I'm like, what because jewelry this instant bond site. Yeah. I'll work with you, but left be one two with you what, I didn't know is that she in gabbing at already had that conversation, just a few minutes where I got her, and so she'd already been got and so on, but yeah, but then we talked to Juliet the watering hole. And so we have formed this, this alliance and it was pretty obvious. That one thing that bonded us was common enemy. Our common enemy was the returnees. We all kind of there's no reason for RBM Joe to be around in this game long enough, because they do as soon as they get with David and Kelly gonna work together. They're going to they're gonna pick us all. They're going to have too much power in. So Aurora was all. Up their butts. She loved Joe in so late at her as well. And also roar we rub each other the wrong way, when thing you know about our relationship I love her. She's like a sister to me, we've bickered, and we fought all the time like you know, we got the croissants, we won the croissants, so we giving in and were sitting there and we each had two croissants, so each eight one of them in the we each had a spare croissant. And so I'm sitting there and I keep hearing Aurora say need to preserve these croissants. How can we preserve them? Unlike Eamonn later tonight, so we don't need to save for that long. Yeah. But I don't want something to happen to it. And we had this little on glass container. Attorney look, as she takes my croissant and she takes her fist, and she smashes Christoph, I'll went to the bottom of this glass jar, and I'm like..

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