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Just drop by their conveniently located in the bottom floor at the Lucerne building in downtown lake worth near the intercoastal. Stop by and see them today. Nick saban's lawyer just posted an update which I will not just it was this morning, but I didn't have chance to bring it up until now. He he said that a notice basically to the media his name is L Lynnwood. And if you have never heard of him disc, Google has name on telling you he is the best at what he does. Which is basically. Aggressively going after the media for libel, and slander, he is representing Nick Sandman the mega hat wearing teenager. And he is convinced that the kid who was viciously smeared by the media over that again counter with Nathan Phillips, the native American activists. They said that their first round of document, preservation letters to several national media outlets. They are all on notice. He warned which is pretty I if I'm the if I were them, let me tell you something I'd be very very nervous about this. He is going after the New York's line and Maggie Haberman. A he he his argument is that they recklessly pushed lies about his client with no regard for his reputation or his safety. We will be relentless in our pursuit of Justice for Nick, this is not a threat. This is the fact the members of the mob who falsely attacked or threatened Nick's Sandman should be on notice that his attorneys will identify them and we'll take aggressive legal action against them to achieve full accountability for their wrongdoing and willful mistreatment of this young, man. And of course, it wasn't just Nick it was his classmates from the Covington Catholic school. In kentucky. They got death threats the school couldn't be opened and all because of a story which was incomplete that I think the school was shut down for a bomb threat, and they just loved using this as a proxy attack on President Trump and his supporters. That's that's was their real target. It wasn't Nick Sandman. It was the president. And it was people like me and you support the president. That's who they were going after much like why I wait until all the evidence is in. And if you were listening, not listening at the top of this hour, I suggest you check out the podcast and listen to my third hour when I was speaking with my son, Derek TMZ, and Derek his job is to make sure that things that are put out on that website would not put them in a position of being sued for libel or were slanderous. And he takes that job very seriously. And he was finally able to express on my show. Oh, and I'm sure, you know, the other people there TMZ also questioning the fact that people are running so wild with this jussie smollet story. Now, fifty fifty it could be completely true. But there are some problems that have to be addressed, first and foremost, why won't Jesse and his bread is manager hand in their cell phones. That would put an end to all the speculation about the sound that came across that cell phone, but they've chosen not to do that which raises the temperature again. And there's a couple of different aspects. You know, the fact that the first statement did not include the maga-. Description. And then the second statement an hour later did include it who was he speaking to in the in this in that our and did he not remember did he forget that? He yeah. I don't know. But as Derek said. The the media needs to be much more cautious in reporting these incidents, by the way. I've been threatened on Twitter today, somebody said I should be beat up for even being suspicious about this. Another person said, I'm obviously a racist. You know, I'll have to explain this to my husband tonight, and my grandchildren and my son in law and everybody else because I don't think they know a racist. Because if they did they probably wouldn't hang out with me. I'm sure he would have married me. Anyway. That's the story too. Many too much news being distributed before it's been validated. You know, there was a time. When I was growing up you had to have two sources before you went forward with the story today. You just have to have one neighbor who says, hey, I saw some sketchy looking redneck outside the building. And then we're often running. So that's that. And thank you guys for your time this time until next time. I will be back tomorrow.

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