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Well, there's been a widespread feeling among people on the right in the United States. They're being excluded from all of the major institutions of American life, that if people allow them to be part of big events, for example. People allow them part of a marketplace. That is just because they're doing it at their own sufferings. The basic idea here is that you are so bad that you can maybe maybe be allowed to participate in a sort of common space. But in reality, under the surface, people don't want you to be part of that common space. They want you out. And there are people on the left here. This is paranoid. No, no, no. We want you to be part of the common space. We may not like your opinions. We may disagree with you. But the reality is that we want you to be part of this big, broad conversation. And that has been the pitch of the so called free speech lab for a very long time. And the left is now dividing itself between liberals, people who believe in that concept and the hardcore radical left, which is increasingly taking over institution after institution and then saying that people who disagree with us must be excluded entirely from those institutions. As you may know, this right here is the biggest political podcast in America, which means on Planet Earth. This political podcast. Thank God, thanks to you, the listeners. We have millions of people who engage with the show every single day. And our podcast network at daily wire is the 6th biggest podcast network on Planet Earth. And so when we decided that we were going to take a booth at a conference that, frankly, I'd never heard of called podcast movement. This was sort of a sign that we were just going to be part of the community of nations, so to speak. We were part of the podcasting community, we're reaching out to advertisers reaching out to other podcasting networks trying to find maybe new employees. It's just like any other professional conference. So you spend a little bit of money, you got a podcast booth. And that was pretty much it. The event went on over the course of the weekend. There's this big podcast movement event in Dallas. It happens every year. It's been growing every year because of the podcasting industry has been growing every single year. Well, I got a call from my business partner Jeremy boring a few days ago. And he said, do you mind flying into Dallas for an event that is not really attached to podcast movement? Somebody's having a retirement party. Do you mind actually coming in for that to celebrate this person's retirement? I said, sure, no problem. So I flew in. And we happened to be at the podcast movement booth that we had paid for at podcast movement. And he said, you know, let's just take a walk around the floor. Okay, that's literally all that happened. I came to this podcast movement event this conference, and I walked around the floor. And this prompted such spasms of apoplexy. It beggars the mind. It really is an amazing thing. So I want to begin this story by showing you exactly what it was like when I was walking around podcast movement because in order for you to understand the reaction from the left to my mere physical presence in this space, you have to understand just how intimidating I am. According to the left, I'm one of the most intimidating people on Planet Earth. I'm absolutely terrifying. I am scary. I am threatening. I'm Darth Vader, right? I am just, if I walk into a room, you don't know if I'm going to force choke you. You don't know that I'm going to strike you down with my lightsaber. You just don't know. I am a dangerous human being, according to the left. And you can see it on the video. Okay, this is video of me at podcast movement. Again, this is sort of a spontaneous drop by because we paid for a booth. And you know, you want to check out the events, you just sort of walk around. This is all that happened in podcast movement. And then wait until you hear the reaction because it's astonishing. So here's the actual video.

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