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Worry about buying a car. You free yourself from all of society's expectations including getting married having a kid blah blah blah blah. basically you reclaim your autonomy. And don't let yourself be influenced by what society says that you should be working for. So how do we use tung ping in a sentence. Will if you wanna refer to the ideology of tom. You can say tung ping jewelry. Julie's often translated as ism. So that's lifelock ism. Tung ping julia. If you want to say that you are someone who lies flat. There's a couple of ways to say that one of them is washer tung ping so whoa is me. Sure is tung ping zoo is a word. Most commonly seen in something like means will which means an ethnicity. We also see it in slang words like shung buns shan meaning to go to work. So if you're a nine to five worker be your shung bonds woo. They're sort of phrasing shung in going to work as an ethnicity and you can do the same thing for tongue pm. So tom ping's means i am of the life flat clan washer tongue pins. I've also seen at called tung ping seattle. Now here's the gel comes from sony. Y'all which would mean a religion so they're calling it the religion of lying flat. I saw someone on twitter. Say while yell. John rule tung ping dell so walk me. Yeah want to jaru join tung ping y'all the religion of tongue pm. Now of course tongue peeing can also be a verb literally is a verb. It's tongue being to to to lie flat. But a lot of the negative reaction to the tung ping two year focuses on asking people not to for example neon senior. Then y'all tongue pyong so neon then young people we all should not tongue pm. Lie flat this has been a part of some of the More or less official responses to tung. Ping julie is neons era. We all tom pyongyang. Hey kids don't lie down get up. Were g- work please. The engineering and we all hung him and people who look at it. That way i think interpret tung ping ping as just being lazy. Which i mean on the surface certainly does look like you're being lazy. You're you're refusing to respond to society's demands of you and you're doing less work than your boss would probably like so it looks like laziness but to a lot of tung ping who is actually a very positive philosophy. One of the original posts introducing the idea of tongue had the title tung ping you sure john year so tom peeing..

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