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Is so delight who since we have no place to go let it snow let it snow let it snow it doesn't show to stop for let it snow let it snow let it snow when we is but if you really all by and New Jersey trying time five forty seven now here comes New Jersey fast traffic the minor delays on the local roads around Newark airport you're a little bit slow on one and nine also minor slowdowns I'm Newark Avenue water main break on totally Avenue this is over by C. caucus road in north Bergen southbound side all lanes are down right before the totally circle twenty one heading north bound hitting the brakes approaching Vanderpool street crash has the lane blocked in Newark that's got you slow from the express lanes on seventy eight and they are still working to repair some downed wires and a downed pole in north Brunswick on George's road a little bit slow both directions approaching Nassau street looking good on both the turnpike and the parkway also a great ride if you're leaving New Jersey across the Hudson traffic every fifteen minutes your next report at six oh three I'm brandy Scott a New Jersey one one point five Jersey one one forty five instead whether winter weather advisory kicks in for Sunday through one eight PM Tuesday the main accumulation though come Sunday night into Monday for assistance a long duration of we're talking the fish for a couple of inches a slushy accumulation here with higher totals north twenty eight degrees our low overnight a wintry mix Sunday forty seven on the religious Scott war a war thirty eight your New Jersey temperature New Jersey one one point five fast traffic and instant weather every fifteen minutes bill.

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