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Few more times. I predict this episode. We'll be huge. I'm telling you this you know the nature wine understand english. It'll be a huge ethics. Well hey guys if you like that episode and if you wanna keep helping us out please plays plays. Just go to apple. Podcast hit that five stars. Let us know we don't care you know. Give us your thoughts. Give us some feedback. We don't care we just want to hear from you. We want to hear anything you have to say about the show. Just go on over. Hit that five stars again. It's magic it's disney you know. It's walt disney mickey mouse all over again. It's just the magic. We just love it to head on over to game crimes. Podcasts dot com for more info about the show again. We'll be constantly updating it as we we will be adding here very shortly and You know maybe some live shows. We'll let you know what's going on. Follow us on social media. Were easy to find. We're at gamma crimes on twitter and on facebook in on the instagram. We aren't game crimes. Podcast we're putting some neat stuff out there to pay pal dot com use. Our email game crimes. Podcast at gmail.com. If you just wanna throw us a little bit of love or pay pal dot me slash game crimes again. Whatever it makes it easier. But steve. Big thing i'm excited about is just continued or putting out a lot of content. We've had our first full month of patriots and we actually have some good stuff coming up to at the end of the month. So we've had bonus episodes we've had just like you say neat steph surprises. We throw random surprise where we talk about stuff. And we've got more of you and harvey are coming up. We've got episode three coming up We'll be dropping september first for our folks on patron. That's gonna that's awesome too because you know continuing again to get inside the story. Yeah i hope you enjoy that. Because it's what we're putting all patriotic especially these interviews with adriana was hours and hours and hours we have never never never gone into this much detail about things I'm surprised we had that much content to be quite honest with you but it just shows you a lot of the things that were going on out there. We tell stories that Some of them. I've never heard before you know how you're surprised me every once in a while we were doing a an interview yesterday on some stuff and and some of the stuff is coming out with. I'd never heard before so Hope you like what you hear that joke around. Bring a pillow with you. Might wanna take a nap during the interview but I know you want joke. That's a joke. So that's a joke and by the way we did find out skeef wondered. Where did you hear that from. You're going to have to listen to figure out what's up so that was. How'd you find that out because my intelligence network is long distinguish tranquil investigators. Just we are. That's what we are is. I don't know. I just made up that acronym. Hey guys we hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned because we've got some good stuff coming up the following week. You gotta listen for what it's going to be but like always and we've got some state we've got some bona fide bad people coming up to i mean when i say bad former bad people former bad people but money launderers..

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