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Two two eight three the i said i get a sense of humor try it some time it is a new clip we may drop into the intro the show or sympathiser huckabee sanders there from the podium when the president said he wanted to do an iq test with tillerson she said this about a committee i said i get a sense of humor and try it some time he says it was a joke it was a joke that was on the presses fourth or fifth kind of circle back to that topic when she was doing open question stuff she would just all right aren't our nation's media and the police is partly at fault i absolutely will grant you that the nation's media has become tmz oh yeah it's all about who called would this who who said that yeah no that's what i've been hearing for years that that washington is a big big high school and and i believe it i absolutely believe it it it just runs on gas have been and who's inwho's out and just and you want to be the prom queen everybody wants to be a cheerleader and everybody wants to be on tv and hang out with the powerful when the journalists compromised their ethics to you know get in and has his say such as the cesspool the idea that we all look to that for our government and and the federal government ought to be in charge of everything cut take a look at it some of the think somebody asked trump himself though yesterday where you trying to undermine tillerson he said i don't undermined people i don't do that looks at when you do what are those interesting washington dc is like as if harvey weinstein became a city would it be easier to get the press fired up because that could make the booker quotes that throwing only life's goal i have only one goal i know to make some sort of book of quotations um if you got a breaking story of uh i i dunno mattis called trump a moron or major change in our policy toward north korea regarding the newt's way more interest in the on story than the.

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