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You would be upset to a level that you can't really understand, and by the way, let's go back to the the argument that they always make about the cops just a few bad apples. But, that doesn't that argument doesn't transfer over. Like the video I showed this afternoon of a man chasing a female cop around her car. She got her gun drawn. Running from him pretty much. and. He's like shoot me go ahead and suit me. So, you'll shoot a black person with their back turned to you, but you see the white person that's physically threatening you. At that. Yeah, it's it's really stunning. It's really stunning and You. Know as as someone who his entire life wanted to believe that the cops were out to to do good. They're there to protect people and I do believe that the vast majority of them are but man even if it's fifteen percent that aren't. They've all got weapons. They've all been trained to kill. And they all know that not only do boast of their brothers and sisters in blue have their back that the entire Republican Party has their back and to to whatever end it might be and. They they just. They don't they don't the police million I. Think the police is probably more powerful. The most city governments at this point in a lot of cases and I see see a lot of people go. It's time for the blue flu. Threaten all you want. Like, if you start taking that money from the unions that the police have to pay out for excessive force complaints, sit with change. Yeah. Yeah would. If it came out of your paycheck yeah. It came out of all the other cops paychecks instead of taxpayer funded stuff is every time shit like this happens everybody in the city has to pay for it. What whatever city you live in look up how much settlements have been paid out because of excessive force complaints if you start taking money out of the police budget for the next year. I bet you that shit would go down. That's one way to defend the police. Here's the thing is like a cop. COPS generally see criminal or something like that. There's there's issues that happened there when when. But I think that cops also see. My mom had a situation that happened to her just this week last week and She got a letter in the mail from Butte County. Saying that she had a worn out for her arrest because she for battery charge. This battery charge is from over three years ago, and it's what led to her eventually living in my house becoming sober and being on the path that she is on now, which is almost four years of sobriety and having your own place and being a. Good person in society. So she gets this letter sanders worn out for her best. She's it to to take care of it. So hermit sister get in the car the next day actress she calls Buchanan says, Hey, I have this. What do I need to do about this take care of it because that's part of the life she lives now. In recovery and They tell her she's come down and they'll just fingerprint and let her go in the set a court date. So she shows up there the next day. And they tell her that they're taking in jail and they're going to be putting her in jail where there's an active cove in nineteen outbreak in that jail right now, I'm do county at the sheriff's Office And I get a call from my sister being like. Seeing, what's going on what's happening with mom like like what are we going to do about this are saying that they're going to take her into custody if people were for her right now. And as what happened I got really upset with them. I. Because it's like. What made you think that they were going to just let you go by. Their job is to get you there like you don't just go in and turn yourself in on a warrant entrust that they're going to tell just let you go if they tell you that they're gonNA. Let you go. You. Contact lawyer you find somebody to take like you talk to public defender first before you turn yourself fucking in because they don't give a fuck about you. They know they're going to put my sixty year old sixty, three year old mom who has all kinds of medical conditions in. On a misdemeanor for battery where the person's not pressing charges the DA bringing the charges against her for some reason, which doesn't make any fucking sense way. Is just whack. So if me start Clark I contact friends, Janaka accuweather friends of mine that are attorneys like what the fuck should I do in this situation right now Eventually I call the DA's office. As waiting for answers. They told me to call the jail I call the jail I'm talking to the woman on the phone can tell the story and sixty seconds or less issues like I. Think there's some confusion here she goes out to the front. I guess puts go home for about a minute and a half goes back to say they're not going to keep they're going to release her. My sister I call. My sister was like hey. I don't know what's going on, but they're just so that we're not that mom doesn't have to stay the. Release Her.

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