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In the change. I think that machines are gonna do what we did with the recount. Verifying this closely watched count is one reason Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger chose the presidential race to audit even though Biden has already reached 270 electoral votes without the state at the end of the day. We do a hand count. Then we can answer the question exactly what was the final margin this race? And while the audit may provide that answer, it also comes with an unexpected cost two counties. You've already had to shell out extra for personal protective equipment for poll workers and absentee ballot drop boxes. The cab county predicts the audit will run them about $180,000 Todd Edwards is with a C C G, an association that represents Georgia counties. I'm sure if there's a possibility for the state five more funding. They will. However, we all know it's gonna be a tough budget year for them, so we'll just continue to work. The Georgia secretary of state's office is it's looking into federal grant dollars to help offset some of the cost of the audit. Counties need to finish the tally by Wednesday night for NPR news. I'm a meal Moffett in Atlanta. This is NPR news. And you're listening to morning edition here on W. N. Y C. I'm David first coming up. Democrats held onto control of the House of Representatives after this month's election, but Republicans are celebrating gains in that chamber will have a look at how the GOP defied expectations down the ballot. Coming up later this hour. W. N. Y. C is supported by the Netflix original Serie Is The crown starring Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson and Emma Corrine..

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