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But walker thinks that jared polis is probably the most difficult of the democrats to beat and maybe that's true because of the money it's going to have unlimited resources i get that but he's oh radical he's so unlikable new story just came out he he didn't pay taxes for the last five years or for a five year stretch this is the guy sponsoring legislation to repeal the trump tax cuts the democrats are going to run on repealing the money that was given back to you democrats ought to be terrified of the non agenda and the destructive agenda that they wanna put forward and republicans ought to be chomping at the bit man get on the attack walker stapleton was at the rapa tea party last tuesday nice turnout thanks everybody for coming and trevor loudon was there as well it was really a fascinating fascinating evening and i have to say stapleton you know i i didn't come out early on in support of walker stapleton i am not a fan of career politicians i don't know walker stapleton's heart but i'll tell you what he's in shape he's on fire he has more knowledge packed into his head right now and he delivers it in a very powerful way and he was off to another event and another event and i'm sure all of these candidates are doing the same thing one thing i know for sure about walker stapleton is he had no problem filling out the nra candidate questionnaire.

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