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Well to do daughter of the elite and well-to-do Jonathan Alder and his his his wife. It'll her name is Lazar. What was the? Emily Lazar is the mother of Charlotte alter and this time magazine story on Alexandria, conceal Cortez. One of the things that Charlotte alter sites. As evidence of poverty. Evidence of the poverty that AO see lives in is her high two hundred dollar a month premiums for mandatory mandatory ObamaCare. In the story. She refers to two hundred dollars a month premiums or mandatory ObamaCare as evidence of poverty. She has to spend that much for healthcare, and it makes her poor every well, wait a minute. I thought healthcare is all anybody needed. I thought it was the most important thing that you had to have helped two hundred bucks a month. How many of you? If your premiums only two hundred bucks a month. You would be celebrating. But in the time magazine piece on Alexander, the so this two hundred dollars a month. Is one of the reasons it is said she is living in poverty, and I'm not kidding. The most trusted name in talk radio. Rush Limbaugh on the network. Rush Limbaugh on the voice of New York. Seven ten w o r. Do you wish that double chin would just disappear are those bags and puffiness getting a little worse? Every day Robin s from Lubbock Texas says I put that jaw line cream on my neck like two or three days ago. That is the best. My neck is looked in over.

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