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May want the kids get you to the super bowl because you've got to pay somebody on the other side of the ball or somebody ah and in a position it's interesting west give the your handicapped now the nfc hits load of the nfc is loaded with teams this year uh you know give me your thoughts on this uh from what you've seen so far haven't been able to watch philadelphia as much as i want but i am i really really impressed with doug peterson uh really impressed with what he's done john schwartz outstanding coordinator uh i can't believe they got a job i i mean i just i i said that yesterday on the air in one of our pregame segments ueno i find it hard to believe that a team that needed a running back got that guy you know uh went to spectacular uh really just like who they are on both sides of the ball uh i'm fascinated count of by your division in that i'm just not real sure hi is there an is able to come back and be anything like aaron rodgers i think that automatically put green bay back in the mix minnesota great respect for mike zimmer he was the defensive coordinator in a very predictable two thousand seven season here when bobby for trade show was on the staff and the head coach mike was the defensive coordinator not like zoom ever cents for him but also much like i am with parts of winds how all of a sudden is a case kingdoms tom it all in vain here's kk them emerging out of the ub shadows in minnesota they lost alan cooke who i saw in college and thought would be just a legitimate program right away uh but yet look davis murray was on the roster in every good defensive that day the thing that strikes me wayne about where we are is that everybody in the nfc has got a decent defensive front at above average defense or from i don't see that in the afc i back football in the afc uh i'm not really who's gonna to merge in any division it and it even outside of pittsburgh i'm just not sure there's anybody that.

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