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To the Larry Elder show. Hey, Larry, you know people are saying keep on going with the lie that punk this whole time about. Find people on both sides of the case. The white supremacist. We're good people, but you know, it's funny. It's been de boat, but they never go deep opposite route. They never go trump support and people. You know, Like what the other side of it so young, That's all I wanted to stay, uh, definitely the media to live there all for anti pub because they're only chord again. This rising up off Conservatives and again. Well, who are people going to believe? We'll see who makes the better case and you know you can fact check it to death. We could fact check this convention all night. People were saying you didn't fact check the Democrats. They are not lying the way Trump does. I've got a feeling my next guess my thing or two to say about that. We just played his entire speech. We've talked before on the program. Please welcome back to the program. Representative Vernon Jones from Georgia. I'm doing great. Here. You good things happened back there. Sure there where I have to say one thing before you started. Haven't you given birth? Well, I tell you, our friend that you leave them alone. I tell you, whatever the name of Jones All right. We have been going at it for 25 years I've got no. I got Leo his job at K bc. We went on television and hey, just went after me like a cat. And I thought he was fun and funny and sharp and I didn't do anything, he said. But I thought he was passing him. If I recommended that management hire him they did. And representative for the next 25 years, he called me all sorts of names that I can't say on television. Man, And we disagree about everything, especially about the OJ Simpson case. And this man has done a complete and total 1 80. I got to say my fist a sewer, but I kept going case, my friend. You need to leave my friend alone. Leo, my friend. Well, he's everybody's friend now. The out of the show with him not long ago, And when you leave Mary held along anything, what did you say? Atlanta? Anyhow. Thank you so much for having me on your show. So what was it? What was that, like last night? Um You know what? It was freedom. Um, it was liberation. I got a chance to tell America man fact to tell the world that I'm just not going to be silent anymore. And see the Democratic Party. It was, though, that my vote automatically should go to them by right because on black when, in fact they haven't delivered a single thing they have now in the black community, but really They haven't done anything to move this country forward, and I just want to be more specific when I got into. You know, Joe Bond has been officer 47 years and I can't think of one thing. The thing that he's done have African American. He jailed a lot of us in concentrated a lot of us. I even feel a lot of those do not have the ability to have diverse thinking. How is it that Democrats Blackhawk unlike people not go at him? And just really just tear him apart. There's no way in the world. You're going to get my vote. No, no, You haven't done anything to my community, man. What you need to with decimating to that premiere continues. But knowing that you don't even think I can think for myself. I mean, I just cannot believe anybody would just whitewash that say Okay, No big deal. Oh, he didn't mean it really? Look, the infinite whole life would quit, you know, And that's my thing on on Joe Biden. This guy has not only done all the things you mentioned, but he's also lied over over decades about his civil rights record. The man said he went to black churches and he would organize and then he would have actions against restaurants in Wilmington and movie theaters to desegregate them. Zero evidence he ever did any of that he lied and said that the CIA has endorsed him on every campaign. They've endorsed him on no campaigns. He lied and said he got arrested trying to visit Nelson, Man. Adela, no evidence that it happened whatsoever. And what does that tell you? And then this thing this business about you ain't really black. If you don't know if you want me or trump, and there's no diversity in the black community and black people steal, pull the lever for this guy blows me you and and and representative he opposes school choice. If there's a route to the middle class, it is getting a quality education for crying out loud. 13 high schools in Baltimore, where 0% could do math at grade level and six more only 1% can. We're not having a discussion about choice in school. Are you kidding me? And did his running mate. Hey, on national stage. That he was a bigot, the courtesy of Poles buff things she could not have been in her supposedly taking, uh, second class second graduating class again of her school to come from Joe body. Opposition to bussing and did not want his kids to go through a racial jungle. Now I'm not a big fan kamala hairs because on the whole arc of the most like people heard Joe Biden think of it is so Um she even her stood and called him out that killed about her. The levels are blind political ambitions. She doesn't care about black people, man. Infact, I'm trying to see what the Democratic party Can nominate a black person for presidential of presidential nomination for vice president nomination that both of their parents are black. I actually think they're grading the Democratic Party's full of bigotry, and I would not put it past them. You know, the Obama Biden administration have a track record worse economic recovery since 1949 Trump had a cracked record lowest historical unemployment for blacks in history. It is tough to beat Lo Lo historic unemployment. That's awfully tough to beat. That. The last time black people had that many jobs. They were slaves. It was pretty late, All right, and that's a bad I'm being on that fact. Check that. Check that you believe me. Believe me, they will. Oh, I know, I know. And guess what? This slavery. I'm talking about how white Democrats have held black crosses and on the plantation. Those slaves had him thinking one thing and the Democrats are doing another through them. And you know what? Larry, I tell you when you look at Joe Biden And his record. I mean, I'm just trying to figure out that this main is like a ground home. He only comes out certain time out of the hole, and then he run back in the hole. That's the kind of president you want. Matty, the president. He wants to leave this country he believed from the basement running out of basement. He's playing. What planet do you have? That he hadn't had a plan? 47 years. I'll tell you what is playing his planets fail. Democrats have fail the black community. They have failed. I am completely have failed The black Representative Jones, We have to leave it right there. Thank you so much for taking the time you were. You were awesome. Last night. Just awesome. Thank you, my prince. Your friends could follow me at Twitter on Twitter at Rip Burning Jones. Thank you. Layer. You gotta be in here. You got it. Man. I got fact check when I was on. I think with Fox and friends and I said no Republican owned slaves, and so media matter Effects checks me and it turns out there's like eight or 10. Republicans ism New Bedford's Newstalk Station. If you're thinking of replacing your.

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