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The start of the holiday shopping blitz wall street's down the Dow losing thirty seven Wednesday's times while twenty one ram trucks traffic center here's Karen Stewart well let's start with an update on what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels again over the Hudson's in battle with good ten minutes in George Lincoln and Holland East River crossings we've got a rough road ahead of ourselves here queens about the Whitestone and Throgs neck it's still construction of the white stone but for the second day in a row they've created at the frog's neck when they realize what a big to do what was causing the RFK is good you wouldn't know it based on the trip out of queens which is jam packed just on my street but over the bridge it's decent ammo southbound Brookner delays that you might be sitting in our for the G. again north not for the R. F. K. on the Upper East Side meanwhile is still a very heavy trip they going to stir J. delays I should say are going to start at a hundred twenty eighth and it's a pretty solid line of traffic judge E. seventy six north bound from seventy six up to where this construction at least a hundred nine that is a heavy trip as well we've got an overturned dump truck in Jersey it's on route nine south at Cindy that's an old bridge down traffic light left and center lanes block northbound left lane is blocked hopefully this can get cleared before this afternoon's rush hour people love to ten ten wins drop in transit every ten minutes on the ones we will keep you posted and on the subways the queen's bound F. and G. is and the Brooklyn bound G. trains as well all running at slower than normal speeds traffic is sponsored by Rosenberg make a man was delayed being diagnosed with prostate cancer experience attorneys Rosenberg make out of one point seven million thank you experience medical malpractice from a mobile device style pound.

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