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Okay all right so <hes> differing stories is there but in the end you guys are fighting on on August tenth and I'm wondering if you are surprised that she is next for you because even when you fought just guy known was really talking about Liz being next few she had a fight against Roxanne Montazeri which was supposed to be this weekend was she. Who you thought might be next when you just guy in Chicago or you think if someone else you know I was not surprised when you've see over? Lee's s like the attention but then shall opponents because because I knew it's going to happen. I knew it's going to happen one day because she's drawn. She's continue create your successful like Reenen History in flyweight division and I knew that stay gonNA come and relates doesn't matter it's GonNa be now or in a few months later so even opportunity I took it. I don't want to wait and see like inviting for and those are who reveal brady who want have an issues or something to do and just want to five because I'm a fighter I'm professional fighter and this is my life. Your knockout against just guy was one of the best of the year it was incredible to watch. It was a little scary afterwards because it took her some time to get up off the MED. What were you thinking when it was taking her all that time to get up? It's difficult to say what I was thinking. Instead moments you know from very batum on my mind I knew ever since GonNa be okay yes. She was for a long time <hes> like Zehr but I knew that in Youth Caesar is like so good quality of all doctors who are working there and say award onset night and I- news it say GonNa do everything to make it's like goats or and for Jessica and she will be okay so right. Now we're starting. I feel like we're starting to finally really appreciate Valentina. Shevchenko your champion. You've defended the title like even when I saw you at International Fight Week in Las Vegas on the camera like they're. I don't know if this makes any sense to you but there's like a superstar or around you right now. Like you feel like a star. You come come across as a star. You feel different like you feel like your life different as a champion. Does it feel any different than last year. When you weren't a champion Ariel what they can say? I was like this all the time. Every time I was the same person I didn't change much bud say circumstances. They are changed. Yes of course it's different when you are champion people looking after you differently but from my side I can say that Adams the same person I had this old qualities all the time with me. I was waiting for the right moment to hooted like the show eat or everyone. That's five like maybe maybe it's right timing forever see and maybe I'm getting a little too ahead of myself but throughout this show we've been talking about a man the news and what could be next for if I'm being honest. I feel like the most interesting fight for men. The newness is a third would fight against you. Do you think about that like when you see her fighting in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and how close your two fights were against here. especially the last one is split decision in Edmonton. Do you think man this. This is the fight. This is the fight that will really get me excited. You dream some of that fight. You want to have that fighting in at some point loser lost her just as we were getting to the good stuff I will reconnect with their but I'm being honest like I wrote this also in the thoughts com. There's a lot of options for many Nunez especially. If you consider the fact that she's a champion at one forty five and one thirty five options Galore one thirty five few options at one forty five live but tell me right now that Valentina Shevchenko versa menounos isn't the most competitive of all the options and that you don't think Valentina can beater or at least hang with her and Federer as closely as she did in that fight in Edmonton wanted back a U._f._C. Two fifteen they fought the first time you've won..

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