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And Willing finley who has been an other diploma. Movies like moon sisters are where a martyr kid replace twins and i also i love drastic i think dressy killers probably his best movie diploma as much as i love fairness if he does lessons. I've got different favorites. So brian depalma also. In addition to those movies but zan listed also directed scarface owes forget about skirving naked. Eighty seven the untouchables with kevin costner. In sean connery. The whole thing with the take out one of yours you to. There's and the more that kind of thing. Yup that's a bonfire bonfire of the vanities which was a big bomb mission. Impossible the nineteen ninety-six movie that the first one that launch tom cruise ethan hunt as the lead character. In the mission impossible franchise. I really enjoy that film a lot. I know you're not tom cruise fan so you haven't seen it because he's never seen this. But what am i favor things that has ever happened on. Television came out of this movie. Which is the premier. Mtv was covering the premier. And this is back. When kennedy was on mtv right. Because it's ninety tennis. Keep in mind. Yeah so kennedy's interviewing people who are coming up on the red carpet. One event is martin. Went out you've told me the story yet. Go go for it. One of them is martin. Landau and martin landau is. He was on the original mission. Impossible by the way with barbara bain. The for they did before they did. Space nineteen ninety nine. Yeah and their daughter juliet landau. You may know if you're above and buffy fan because if you are a fan of the movie ed wood which is why martin landau was in the ether at that time. Because news had been announced would is plano so so kennedy essentially asked him like. Why are you here. You know what. What state do you have in this where you here. And he just lays into her. He's like i was in the original. Tv show that this was based on. You need to learn your history and just walks away right which is fantastic. It's so great. And that's i think that might be somewhere on youtube too. But just i think if you do martin landau kennedy. Mtv you can probably but he just you can tell. He is so annoyed with her. You know 'cause that and that's a show that had like a ton of people on it right you know. If it wasn't like wizards shortly of series they ran for seven years or something like that and it was. It was a long series. Yeah but time but yeah it. You know that's where that's why. Peter grades was famous to be in the airplanes right. She probably doesn't have degrees is either. I'm guessing ghetto people our age charles. We know stephen hill. For being law and order stephen hill he was the pro. Yeah he proceeded. Peter graves mission impossible. He was in season one. Because i'm usually possible guy. I know that but and there is. There's a little actor named leonard nimoy was on the show. also it was. It was a big deal began happening. So what are you doing here. Essentially like trying to say like you're in this movie like what's your neal. He just laid into her. So but yeah. I forgot the deployment of that. I've never seen it..

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