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The whole trump russia thing i saw mark helprin on charlie rose last night he said he said there in a lot of democrats believed it from the ginning namla to republicans he said starting two weeks ago like it did with me that whole episode change some republicans minds and now the session stuff the muller rumors why is it the acting so scared about this investigation the mark more howkins reporting was there are a lot of republicans that are now concerned there is some real they're there because the president just seems like a cornered beast overall this sort of colluding with the russians were ordered the financial ties going way back there something really ugly that he just can't tolerate being out there because he's acting so rational do you have any concern about that that the really is something the whole russian thing an old it all i think he hit ito frustrated at his agenda has been stopped that you doing all this try to get out of the rhetoric about russia but in doing though he's also make himself look guilt like you'd acting guilty whether or not yet need in the problem is that for people like they had like wild maybe there was something air maybe there is still something more to come out to get otherwise wired doing that frankly what i feel like with some of the stuff with hiring the move which as i like to call them is in better that he was trying to create other distraction because frankly if you look at the new late last week giving russia a really been dominating all that much either the obamacare crazy in it or about about gehrmann about turmeric himself and quite part it it it looks like one they think where they want distraction they want the press in order to distract from the of also can get just down to figure i could just get down to a personality some people's personalities and it's it's twisted in sick if you if you have this personality i think he grew up in an awful household of you have it some people are just more comfortable when everything is chaotic because that's the way it was when they were kid and the only time they feel normal uncomfortable when things were in mass chaos trump could be one of those people they crave conflate now what i mean like i mean if you let them art of the oh through.

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