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Week's edition of recalls sports said John your host Rick wolf all this morning show I want to talk about some good news no slowly but surely were beginning to come out of the out of the darkness of the pandemic Anna's sports fans and sports parents this is of course most welcome now of course says Dr Fauci reminds us it's not like just flicking a light switch we remain in a very gradual and slow process but unlike say a month ago we are now getting more of a sense that sports are preparing to return pro leagues are making valiant steps to try and get us back in colleges well they're still trying to figure it out but they're making progress as well and at the high school and amateur youth level well certainly in other parts of the country things are in fact returning you may have heard the governor of Florida aimed at kids in U. sports can start this weekend basically you said that it's it's up to the parents to decide whether they want their athletes to go back and play he says it's okay because kids really don't seem to get covert nineteen that being said there are a lot of medical experts who disagree with the governor's assessment will discuss the governor's point of view in a little while around here of course since we're so hit so hard hit by the pandemic our timetable is gonna take a little more time but at some point soon sports in this region of the country will be allowed to return and that's what I want to focus on this morning my question to you is this as a sports parent who loves their youngster what will be the keys for you the crucial criteria that will let you decide to let him or her go back and play the reason I asked that question is I'm getting more and more and more of a sense that there's not going to be one certain person from either the the federal government or the state government or anywhere who's going to step up and say okay here's what you have to do now you can let your kids go back and compete yeah we looked about somebody to say every youngster we'll have to take an antibody test would wait till safe vaccine is unveiled revealed or just have kids have their temperature taken I mean who do we need to tell us that it's okay and under what conditions because ultimately as a sports parent you're the one who will have to decide to reassure your youngster that it's okay to go back and compete and we'll talk about this course number no is one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six I'm not getting much sense a real leadership in this area because first of all what I can gather all the various tests they all seem very confusing and even worse they tend to be it seems it seems unavoidable but that being said I assume every kid will have to be tested in order to be cleared to play either at the youth or high school travel to level and from what I understand the medical world doesn't really know yet whether having antibodies in your body will protect you from having from a second round of the virus that's a concern as well and what about insurance and legal issues with kids and their parents will have to let the sign a waiver that they won't sue if their kid gets sick while playing the sport and they do that sick well the school district and they have to pay for that who pays for all the temperature taken anybody test most importantly the social distance saying we're told is still the key so what point is it worth the risk to forego that I mean if your youngster really can't play any team sports without being physically close to your teammates other opponents so again as a sports parent at what point will you let your kid go back and play over this big case for Yorkshire says call mom dad all my friends are heading back to practicing at the games why can't all right because we know the peer pressure continues to be a major factor in all this and there are dangers as well me a long time sports edge was under David levy points out that covert insurance concerns will be part of all this the same for refs and officials especially in basketball and kids are on the court and huffing and puffing and presumably possibly spreading corona in fairly close contact with the rest of the rest of pretty much older I don't know how to solve that issue but here's the reality no one seems to have been able to give a definitive plan that works back to his article in ESPN this past week that the return to sports is not so much about trying to reach a hundred percent certainty that no one will ever get sick with cold again but instead the angle the slant is they're attempting to have a reasonable and rational approach in order to move ahead that is there's always going to be that chance that risk of colon but if we do the best we can in terms of minimizing that restore kids ourselves well that's pretty much the best we're going to be able to do otherwise we'll just have to wait until safe will prove X. is available and it might take another six seven eight months so what I'm getting at is it's all going to come back to you you're the sports parent you're the coach when you decide when you feel safe for youngsters to go back and play and compete one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six as I said I don't think the government is going to step up and provide those guidelines I moved and we've heard the president trump has said it's up to the states to make their own called the the individual governors as I just mentioned governor to Santa so Florida he said the backing plate kids don't get this virus so go back to compete again that's our conversation this morning was very very important question which I think a lot of parents are really sort of grappling with let's start this morning with Matt a Ridgewood met okay that's a match just drop let's go to our friend ed ward over in Elizabeth New Jersey ed good morning good morning America you don't happy Memorial Day weekend to you as well I'm glad you mentioned that added to the to the port we can remember all those who gave their lives in service to our country no question yeah well this this is a topic that hits you know although we all want to go back go back to play it's it's kind of touching go because here's the thing I think as you know I I'm running a couple showcase of backs that I had cancer I push them back into July right one of one of the things I was forced to do is speech team that participates they're going to have big and they're gonna have to fill up the kids at them a waiver signed by their parents about the Kobe nineteen thing at their act they've had it or not I did not I cannot let them participate so what I need I still don't have clear and check the imac have backed up data I still don't have clear check if if I can have a mac back to certain locations that I wanna use because it's basically an governor Murphy shares are not always act if the NCAA is gonna back up today to get so you know there's a lot of things fixed it's interesting I know we want to get back to playing baseball or whatever on that the one thing that I want to bring up the somebody's somebody's things have been brought up our let's get him on the field as soon as possible and play two weeks after two weeks I mean you know he it takes a good mark to get a get a good team prepared in now you gotta have you know a great good amount of practice lots of let's be honest I would maybe high school kid to do a video store robbed colleges because that's that's the way it did be critical right now because of this epidemic how many did you really been bit brought out and maybe work better heading up or or or or that type of stuff I'm sure there's a good amount but the point is if the data team practice it all at once you know they want they want to practice in and start up in two weeks I I would I would never let that happen yeah I just rhetorical much longer with the fact that the you know the B. such a mad rush to to get back on the field I compute the high levels that we might see because the kids are running back to to from Payton and try to go to full speed we might see a real up tick in terms of Tommy John injuries because the kids their arms aren't ready to throw they just they are ready to go and I and it was baseball softball one of the sport may be we might see a whole rash of injuries but again if if we're waiting for governor Murphy or coal or or lawn or any of these governors to make a decision I think they're going to say yeah it's okay to go back and play youth and high school sports again but I don't think I don't get the sense they're going to tell us and here the conditions you have to have for your youngster Middleton P. like you mention of course or having the kids having to sign a waiver I mean that's just like the beginning I mean I I I I really think a lot of parents are going to say we need more guidance on this because we don't know we are about the other kids we don't know about about the teams are kids are competing against it it just seems a lot of waiting for somebody to say the rooms that give us the green light but we won't know how to do it that's the concern that that thank you as always for your good thoughts you know I as I said I I I don't know how we're going to play through this but I sure like to have some some some guidance let's move on let's go to the world let's go to attend over knees Chester ten good morning you're on the fence good morning coach coach of first and foremost happy Memorial Day to all the vets as governor Cuomo put it best we all first respondents here so we do something we have to do is collected it collectively it has to be unity in in the community that has to be direct leadership as to how we are going to go about these things he could do with state by state we can't do we county by county that's ridiculous you'll you'll open up a whole can of worms with that stuff and so I think in the greater scheme of things especially with young people take a breath take a step back relax you got this incredible journey upon you it's called life yeah and today's date is something that you're never going to forget and I hope I hope in the greater scheme of things we all learn from this and all other steps of progressive and proactive we need not take a step backwards because that that would be I can't fathom what it would be like to live I hear you and and thank you for your call this morning and I think that is underlying all the concerns here is that fear of that this could come back and I can I I harken back to the history books in the flu epidemic of nineteen eighteen it took three years to get rid of the epidemic I read the other day where I guess after after so many months on the first wave hit and finally the the government said okay you can take off your mask and go back to your regular lives and people were joyous and celebrating in the streets hugging each other and then within a month all the sudden the flu came back with a vengeance so you know to your point I I think we have to be really really concerned about okay somebody has to tell us whether it's doctor felt she will course is the country's leading expert on infectious disease yeah when how how do we do this at one point as a parent you know your life for logs around your children how do we know that it's okay to go back and again we've all said well maybe one of the vaccine by the end of the year again that's a long time from now but again what what are the hoops and hurdles we are facing I don't understand for example how you can have social distancing in sports I mean come on I'm in pretty much every team sport you can think of you're gonna be in close contact with somebody while you're pulling let's move on let's go to work so to Roger Wisconsin Roger good morning your next up on the fan Rick how you doing good Roger how are you all right so I don't know if it did you see the and that the jets guy that came out this week because they took an interesting approach the space and everything framework guidelines knowing gives you.

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