Brian, Schumer, Alabama discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


The extremely thick dry brushes reducing visibility so much in some areas firefighting aircraft again can't fly the dow is up more than one hundred points i'm evan haning iraqi san francisco bay area this used talk radio 560 ksfo your whistle blower wednesday with brian says winning katie green starts now as sure where sitting schumer shut up yes indeed name is sitting schumer well maybe this is maybe his indian they would be shocked i like that one better whoa aid yeah now jackie o'brien chuck do well this whole thing this whole deal at alabama's purely political pure leave political we will prove that for you and more were glad you're with us for graduates us this morning here on ksfo by the way this whole twitter thing gotten another guy in trouble jose canseco member him he's in trouble now for a tweeting his tweeting h his dna would be steroiduse the fire to inspired by sports operation your northern california because of his tweets we'll talk about that as well a righteous brothers and that'll band together again come into the bay area we got the tickets is plus we've got your calls for one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred on ksfo here she.

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