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Don't you ever sleep in your car? Um Yes, but probably everybody's done that right? Probably. Yeah, but like, uh, yeah. I never slept in the Even like a truck. Okay? Even even if a flight had been canceled, Say the airport. I can't even relax enough. I can't. I can't fall asleep in an airport. Somebody to steal your stuff. Somebody, somebody gonna come along, and that's no good. Well, you always feel like that's a possibility, right? Yeah. I could not sleep there. You sleep in a haunted house haunted bookstore. Something wanted something I never slept, though. I stayed the night in one all alone in a place that is said to be haunted. That's what that was in Asbury Park, but I never did sleep. I wasn't even trying to sleep like I wanted to stay awake in case something that they allege happens there all the time actually happened. I want to sleep through it. So now yeah, my stories suck. Do better than me then 1 802 831 of 1.5. Jack and your leap to your own, New Jersey one on 1.5. Big bang. How're you doing? Jackie? Listen, So I did some civil war reenacting and the 1 50. Gettysburg was quite a trip. It was a four day event. And we did union impression We did Cole tell And there was everything there were. There were ants. It was raining. We had the Confederates coming up. It was two days of nonstop firing of our guns. And it was a pretty intense event. Um, I don't know if if people are into that, or you know if When did you Well? Did you sleep during the battle? Yeah. I mean, you're up for Labor's a four day event You had marched in and you were exhausted some point and we took turns. And it's online. You could look it up Copes 1 50 Gettysburg. But the thing that got me the most was the constant firing of the guns. I mean, it was like a day and a half two days of constant firing the guns and you just got so used to the smoke and the sound that it was It was pretty intense. It's an event. I'll never forget that's for sure. I have visited Gettysburg. But I never saw a reenactment there and kind of always wanted to, maybe not rising to the bucket list level. But it would be very cool to see one of these. Yeah, well, there's like there's like 5000 of us in this one particular in the bars. Wow. Just like a couple of 100 guys. I mean, You got to go online to take a look at the 1 50 cults Gettysburg and even on the video. The firing just just doesn't add. It just does not end it was quiet. One of the most interesting places I ever slept, and I never want to be covered with ants like that again. And, you know, not taking a shower and there's wagon magazines, food. Well, you're really selling it, Jack. You had me at maggots. Jack. Thanks for your call. Rose Marie from Mountain Side You're on New Jersey one on 1.5. Hi. I love you guys. Thank you. Listen to your show every day. Um, I slipped and Woodbridge Center mall when I was a kid in the girl Scouts. Now wait. What? Okay with the girl Scouts like it was like an overnight plan thing. Correct? Yes. Why the mall? What were they? What were they doing? You know there was a lot of girls Scout troops there and they had some entertainment for us. There were a couple bands and they played games and That whole thing. It was a lot of fun. Um and I also slept in a lighthouse. Um Whoa. What island? In the lighthouse. Yeah. Oh, a lighthouse. I thought you said the White house. Oh, I'm sorry I was I was about to start asking about like the Lincoln bedroom. You got awfully excited about the White House. I'm sorry. I heard it wrong. Okay, A lighthouse, A lighthouse in Canada, Prince Edward Island. That's not until was it cramped? No, because it was a wooden lighthouse. So it was kind of squared off in the bottom was bigger. So it wasn't it didn't look is narrow and say, Maybe Barney get light, So it's kind of wide and they had a couple of rooms in there, So Yeah, I was going to say it was like an actual bed that you have right? Yes. Just like a lighthouse keeper would sleep in. Yeah, right. Right. It was an actual bedroom. But I would like to sleep inducing. That would be fun. Okay, Well, if you make it to the White house, you got to call back one day. Rosemary. Thanks for your call. She's just aiming for Lucy. I know you don't believe in that stuff. Have you ever read how many people swear? That they have seen things in the Lincoln Bedroom. I know you don't believe it. I don't. But is it just like the power of suggestion? I mean, people who are not flakes. I mean, like Dignitaries have slept there. I'm gonna guess he give you that. Those are mutually exclusive. Yeah. No, You're right. You're right. Yeah. Just strange stories come from that the Rondell from Toms River. You're on New Jersey One a 1.5. Stay. What's up? D and D I got doing alright Rhonda Rhonda. All right. I got a funny 14 years ago. You stick out in seaside heights of me and my buddies back in the day and one night just hanging out having a bunch of drinks, party and whatnot. I lost my ride home coming back over the bridge. So I kind of just hung out, Chief that all night wandered around to the front came up Those round like 6:45:07 a.m. sum was just starting to come up. And, uh, breakfast spot. It opened up, so I got some breakfast and coffee, and I'm just walking the boardwalk. Right? And I sit down that this nice bench just enjoy the view of the sunrise. And you know, the beach is nice and empty. It's quiet. It's not a soul out there. So I sit down on this bench for about five minutes. She's watching the sun come up and I lay down. Close my eyes. Next thing you know, I open my eyes and I just opened my eyes and I'm surrounded by people. And there's these kids hanging out next to me on the bench just sitting there just hanging out like you exist and the beaches was filled with umbrellas, people. What time was it? What's the look? Wake up and I look around. I'm like, Wow, I really just fell asleep on the boardwalk. And the crazy part about it was that not one person came up to me Bother me, not a police officer. Anything of that nature and how you were homeless. It was. Yeah, exactly right. For the first time he was checked my pockets to make sure nothing was taken from me while I was sleeping. But, yeah, I just thought that was how long were you out? What time of day was it by them? Obviously. Sorry. I must have been out for a good couple hours. It was around 70 and when I would tell us where it was coming up. And it was probably like two o'clock in the afternoon to Whoa, You made it. You stayed up all night. And then once the sun's up, you couldn't get Oh, man, great, but the most crazy part about it. Like I said, you know, it was just quiet and peaceful. So I close my eyes and enjoy that summarized. Like I said, I opened my eyes up, dude, and I'm just surrounded by a beach full of people, and I was really confused for a split moment. Tries to Siegel's didn't attack you. Really Thanks for your call. Let's talk to Mary and little silver..

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