Alex Griswald, Twitter, Joe Bernstein discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Verified free beacon reporter alex griswald doesn't buy reach story either and took a series of jabs on twitter oddly nbc seems to be insisting that the photographs circulating are photo shops while read seems to be saying they were actually hosted on her site but she was hacked greenwald road gotta get these stories straight guys buzzfeed's joe bernstein tweeted read should probably produce evidence from her cybersecurity expert quote unquote that hackers broke into the way back machine to frame her as homophobic as she claims this is very strange story which gives me flashbacks to anthony weiner claiming he'd been hacked hot as john section and wrote before asking a series of questions why didn't she realize the problem before she apologized last year why didn't she mentioned that she believed the site had been hacked until this new unflattering material was revealed it's not only members of the media and i would say very few that have questioned restored but a quick search of rename on twitter reveals they regular folks are skeptical too it goes on green greenwald has a theory on why most of reads critics are from conservative leaning news organizations while mainstream outlets including cnn and the new york times haven't touched it now that's strange wording cnn in the new york times are not mainstream they're leftists he said the reason liberal news sites are ignoring the story is as self evident as it is troubling because reads ideology isn't accordance with theirs and they therefore don't care if she's lying or telling the truth when denying authorship of these bigoted articles nor do they care about the anti lgbt bigotry itself greenwald wrote msnbc did not respond to multiple requests for comment the daily beast where reid is contributed to not immediately respond but they're all over hannity parola hannity whether it be a boycott effort on the left against joy reid whether it be a boycott effort led by media matters move on dot org thank progress any of the.

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