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Agent networks presents coast to coast am now here's your guest host dave treaty thank you for joining me were here in our to boy our one went by quickly this is an interesting conversation kenny jonsson is with us and he has been a successful writerproducer director of film and television for more than four decades emmys i know know off here we are talking real quickly you you're invited to be a producer on the might douglas show told me about that i up who was the guests on the first episode will whistling i had had successes are producer director and in new york and and a westinghouse as me to meet the guy that was the becoming the new executive producer on the douglas showed seen my work unlike did invited me to join him he his name was rodger ales name you have heard lately in the news who was really brilliant and fun and grinned and and his duck divvy took me into the guy said roger i don't want to do ninety minutes live six times a week i wanna go to hollywood make films era and he said well let you do a lot of film work if you come down as long as we get our ninety minutes every and the great thing about the douglas show was that everybody in the world came through their becau we were the first and only daytime ninety ninetyminute show at that time and are we had an audience like this forty fifty sixty million people a week an end of but as luck would have it the very first people that i had thrown at me to interview on the show were barney and betty hill who were the the couple that were at the time quite famous for having been the ones that had been abducted by aliens ronit and aim only probe and and they were so convinced that has happened differs very hard not to believe them it was it was a very peculiar thing to to meet those people into and the new leader on the tv movie of it any james earl jones played the guy was mixed race couple would also interesting in the nineteen sixty six when we did it and and i want to sail and burst on or somebody was like that was his wife and it told her story in about how they had died peculiarly also wound their lives.

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