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A postponement of the state of the union address a postponement of an overseas trip. She was planning the president has not said whether he'll postpone the speech, but he is postponing Pelosi's trip to visit troops in Afghanistan. And Brussels denying her use of military aircraft for a trip. He calls a public relations event. The Pentagon says he does have the authority to do that democratic congressman Adam Schiff says he shouldn't have used it. All too often last two years the president has acted like fifth grade GOP Trump ally Lindsey Graham calls the president's decision. Inappropriate. But top House Republican Kevin McCarthy says Pelosi gets the blame here being speaker of the house and leaving the country would have shut down. I don't think that's appropriate. The White House says it wants Pelosi in town to work on ending the nation's longest shutdown saga megani. Washington with. Tax time coming I r s is calling them back. Thousands of workers. One Shannon LS tells Casey TV, she's worried about her co workers, please have no means of getting gas money to get to and from work. They can't afford to pay childcare three Chicago police officers have been acquitted of a cover up and the police shooting death of Liqun mcdaniels. Prosecutors argue that the reports written by the three officers were so remarkably uniform that it was evidence that the officers were trying to protect Van Dyke from criminal prosecution Cook County judge Dominica Stevenson said that she had to consider all the evidence. It is not as simple as looking at the reports in comparison to what is depicted on the video McDonald's family immediately questioned how the two cases could produce such different outcomes. His great uncle the Reverend Martin hunter. This is not Justice. The judge says the vantage point of the various officers was completely different. Which might explain why their accounts didn't sync with what millions of people saw in the dash Cam video released over a year later. I'm Jennifer king. The officer who shot and killed McDonald. Jason Van Dyke will be sentenced tomorrow for second degree. Murder. This is AP radio news. The White House is proposing an increase in healthcare premiums. Jackie Quinn explains. The Trump administration is proposing changes to bring a modest increase to the premium for next year for the government lead health insurance system. It tried to repeal it seeking a roughly one percent increase to improve the accuracy of a formula to calculate the subsidies for people who get help paying for coverage. Next year's proposed changes would also include a measure to require any insurer that covers abortion to offer a comparable plan that does not have that coverage. Jackie quinn. Washington. Camden, South Carolina police have arrested the man who they say through hot coffee on an employee last month and a McDonald's because he was upset over the weight. Joshua, Mary Nole faces an assault and battery charge after a number of people identified him as a driver who douse the sixteen year old at.

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