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Sports i'm your host wonderwall. Glad you could be with us. Final segment of the show headed down toward the finish line. Headed down toward the end of the show. I'm so glad we had this time to gather college basketball right around the corner. Ma'am talked about some of the top ranked teams. This season hasn't really gotten into an abyss focused on georgetown. Miss my georgetown. Hoyas so much but the top ranked teams the season. Baylor gonzaga iowa villanova wisconsin illinois illinois. How we're getting done. Virginia creighton west virginia. The oldest preseason top fifteen one of the reasons why did you take a look at baylor. Gonzaga villanova there. The three teams that are right at the top. Three or four. In the preseason rankings traditional power still making their presence known in the rankings kentucky is somewhere around number nine. They've got three transfers coming in. They still have the number one rated recruiting class at the time. Really you know but duke. And just jesse going after all of these are going after the number one guys calipari further times the twenty fifteen. He's had the number one recruiting class now. On those other years he finished. What number two number three. But this feature six of the top sixty five recruits in the twenty twenty class freshman top ten prospects in projected twenty twenty one. Nba draft picks are bj. Boston and platelet. Lebron james's kid out in La in terrorists clark duke. Just outside the top ten. They have no players in double figures today. Lost such guys as vernon carey a couple of others but you have window more anytime. You have a guy named wendell who's black. You know that handsome intelligent and you know that he talks a lot more freshman matthew hurt or now sophomore. And they're probably going to be the ones who are going to be asked to elevate and be the team. Leaders jordan gold wire and joey. Baker are the guys who are veterans who have been there for a few years. Then you have jalen. Johnson another another five star recruit. He's gonna make the biggest impact. Supposedly for the team in the freshman class is coming in. Jeremy roach from paul. The six over in fairfax virginia with record recruited by georgetown. The made the mistake of going to duke. He should do need to be the guy who's going to be the starting point. Guard another five star freshman. Dj stewart who played with tyler. Beard chicago Tyler beard is the guy who's going to be going to georgetown and twenty twenty one. He might start might not start immediately. But he's going to be listed offense for them off the floor once you get on the floor because he really shoot mark williams another guy. Georgetown was after. But he chose duke over louisville in mike jordan. He could be the guy to give them size and defensive ability he's going to be taking vernon carey's plays projected to take vernon carey's play so duke like i mentioned before they don't have the they don't have the recruiting class of an rj camera. Shirley thing like that. They don't have any guys coming in this year. That are going to be lottery. Picks projected starting the season but You know they'll still have. Guys who came into college has five star recruits top ten fifteen players. Top twenty players hurt. Who i think he's all right to put on a little weight. He's never going to be athletic enough to really get down on..

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