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From my fantasy team he's been averaging around 10 points in that is usually gets around ten targets of game two usually catches the ball around six seven times during those targets inhouse me brown 85th yards per kamal might p i knew a lot more for me for my found his team it's playoff time or its playoff push time so get it started the i got new orleans in that one next game green bay's had an industry cargo i got chicago in that one amman mitchell trubisky bandwagon and numbness far away from the brett humbly bandwagon so i like chicago on this one i think drouin howard's in our really good game the prior to run the ball with him at least 25 times i think and jesus but don't trust green bay still braille hunley he had heard i guess you can call a decent games in his since even thrown interceptions bird against the trail monday night last week he only had around 245 yards i think your words did it through for any touchdowns begin throw for in any interceptions either so i mean there's that burying the chicago defense has been playing really well so far this season to so if they put pressure on the he's going to struggle and you saw that a lot during the game against the troy davante adams he's probably going to have a decent game i think i humbly that was his favorite receiver and monday night through the adams i think ten times and that was the most targets for any receiver on that team for that game but i'm gonna go chicago on this one and then next though cleveland versus detroit i'm gonna go cleveland phnom just kidding definitely a lot going cleave them going detroit in this one cleveland's going to drop to a one nine i believe when ten it's going to be one of those owned but um detroit should have no problem winning this game they've been.

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