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I do in. My kid is not re-. I'm pretty sure he's not telling me what he's really doing when he goes out at in doses uh-huh we rarely facing like they don't have abc abcd e. answers high-stakes. They're mostly involving their unstructured problems. Often it's hard to figure out what the problem is. What we try to do is cree problems that are like the problems we really facing life. And the reason that's important is you can get people who are very good at solving this. Highly structured academic browns. And that's what they're good at. You know the joy mentzer you know. They got a good school in. The emphasis are put in my most. Recent work on adaptive intelligence which is like about the fifth iteration as theories. Intelligence is so tell us this has always been defined as the ability to adapt to the environment. It's like you know. How well can you get along. Not on a standardized tests but in dealing with the world in species. That don't adapt disappear right. I mean they're gone in. Somehow that got lost in the intelligence business said what we need is people say. Let's take the real challenges. The world faces. I ca- look at the mess we made with cove. Nineteen i mean you know with all these thirty iq points european union still. Can't get the vaccine things straight in the united states For about a year there was totally at sea. An income disparities are totally like crazy out of hand. And so what's happened is people. Are you know. I q isn't about doing something that helps. The world is about honestly. It's doing something that helps yourself and we have an awful lot of politicians who went to very prestigious schools in all they care about is themselves and getting reelected in. How can they make more money. And it's not just in the united states across the world. We're seeing an increase in authoritarian leadership of authoritarians and people who want to be authoritarian. Some succeeds some note in once you get one of those in power long enough. It tends to be a one way street. And it's pretty clear that i happen very much. Some of the smart. I q people are the ones who are most contributing to it because they can profit for so my argument is we need a notion of intelligence that makes the world a better place that somehow chooses people are going to make a positive meaningful and potentially enduring difference in the world not people who were going to go into congress and like it's one scandal after another whatever their i q may be and i'm not talking about scandals those just of sexual behavior. I'm telling you about ski on those where there's only one person they're looking out for. They're not representing a constituency other than themselves so cool. It's so cool. I love your idea. Emphasizing that intelligence is not just about the individual. I mean. it's actually pretty novel should. It shouldn't be but it is in my book adaptive intelligence which just came out. What i point out is that we need to think of intelligence collectively because we're at risk if global warming continues the way it has been. They'll come a time. when you know. Era cues may continue to go. We may have sky. I is but we won't be here. The only ones that are going to be here teary viruses. The cockroaches in yes someday being from some other planet come here and they discovered bacteria viruses and cockroaches and the pathetic remains of human civilization. Are they going to command human civilization For being so at the top of some kind of lovejoy great chain of being when it's the only species that in record time managed to destroy itself. That's us in. If that's more than i don't know what stupidest that's a great quote quote there may put that at the top of the show notes that quote right there make a note of that okay Fifty two okay. Yeah so how. Does this relate to. Because i see a link here between that land and research and then your work on hate. I mean there's so much heat in the world today right. How can we apply our intelligence to transcend hates and have more love in the world. Well that is a different line of research but it is related. It's not that different related. When i've been asked how you combat hate said there in three things you really can do. One is just have people really get to know each other. You know you often the people. We hate our people. We don't even know it. All fleeing jews never met a jew. Their people hate muslims who never met a muslim. I mean it's you know so just really engaging. Second solution is wisdom. Which is if you syria. If you take seriously the notion of a common good you can't just say it's about me and people like me my tribe. You can't do what the nazis did in world war two or some people are doing today in saying it's my skin color or my religion or the religion i claim a half or People who live in my part of the country are my community. Coming good means. Are you helping other people besides yourself because they kind of situation we have in the united states utterly untenable where they're just is become two countries and that's smart. I mean like you know having to groups of people at war with each other that's what high iq is. So i think the second stations wisdom in the third is the pointed out is love as you know. My wife karen. I actually have a website. I love multi. Verse dot com. Which is all about love. There's something i study and the idea of is that and it comes you know for us. It comes out of science but for other people may come out of religious beliefs. That if you take a lot of seriously then you realize that you know the only person.

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