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Is a common characteristic of apocryphal acting like you care, acting like you're interested acting like he had no interest. In this battle, he had interest in covering up his sin that demanded his death. David plan to cover his adultery by using your ri- to force him to go home have sex with his wife. And he would think it's his job. So in second Samuel eleven eight David said he arrived. Okay. Thanks for the reports. Great to have you home. Why don't you go down to your house? Now, wash your feet and go in that means go home. Take a bath clean up. And maybe we'll have you for dinner tonight. So you're right. I left the king, the bible says and the king Senate gift to his house. No doubt it was some wine or something like that, some food. And, but verse nine of second Samuel ebonite to the king surprise, your, I did not go home. He slept at the door of the kings house with the other troops. The guards and David got word of it. David was upset about it. So the next time David tries to pull a ploy. He gets you Ryan drunk in order to trick him into going home. But you're still slept when David servants, he wouldn't go home. Here's the frontal your Ryan had true integrity, and he would not relax while his battlefield buddies were still at war. He should have opened. David's is to his own failure to latest troops. It did not. And so David compounds as San one Sanpaolo, and on top of another San try to get him drunk. Try to make him go home. Try to trick him into going home doing everything he can try to act like everything. He's big buddy. And everything's all fine knowing that is impregnated this man's wife. And so how does he handle it? And number six second, Samuel eleven fourteen and it came to pass in the morning. That David wrote a letter to Joab and told you Araya here, take this letter delivered to JoAnne. In the letter where instructions for Joab to expose your riot to the hottest part of the battle and once in the hot battle pull the troops back and leave him up there alone. So he would be killed. This then may Joab an accessory to murder. So Joab had to make a decision either he would accept or reject the king's command. Joab sold out your IRA, one of his greatest warriors at the insistence of king David, how tragic the such a valiant soldier dad for David lust. Send number seven. David sacrificed other soldiers in order to kill you ride cover up his sin. Did you know that? No. He wasn't the only person killed here. The bible tells us and second San eleven twenty four as the report came back from the frontlines, the servants said during the battle, the Archer shot from off-the-wall upon your soldiers and some of them are dead. But also is your ri- the Hittite, that's what David wanted to your he'd care about the other men, they were killed. He wasn't thinking, right. He was a caring about their wives and their families and their children. He was only thinking about his own self as what send it gets you so self centered you just think about yourself. You don't think about anyone else David share pretense, and philosophical bull is seen here? Here's what David says. Once he gets this news at all. These soldiers are dead at even you ride the Hittite was killed. He said, well tell Joab not to worry about it. So that's the sort of ours one as well as another second Samuel eleven twenty five no big deal. Just a few soldiers died just to cover up. My San second Samuel eleven twenty six when that Sheba heard about it. She mourned for her husband. And after she was three morning. David sent for her brought her to his house, married her. And they had a son in verse twenty seven seconds. Samuel eleven. This thing. Did not please God it displeased him greatly. And you can count on it. When you displease God divine discipline is about to come knocking David's own self induced misery is evident from divine discipline. He has extremely excruciating pain in his life and listened to psalm thirty eight one through four oh Lord rebuke me, not in Iraq. Neither chasing me and the hot displeasure verse. Two for nine arrows, stick fasten me and the hand presses may greatly festering guilt became an emotional burden and left him. Severely depressed. And it reflected in his physical demeanor as well. They even failed to rebound is sin and was now compounding his discipline. This has been over a year since all this took place, and then he said, in psalm thirty eight three there's no soundness in my flesh because of your anger, and neither is there any risks in my. Bones because of my own sin for my iniquities have gone over my head like a heavy burden there, too. Heavy for me. Here's the principal, you need to remember, if you don't rebound, your sand, divine discipline, will either break, you or it'll take you David was on his way out under the Senate death. But he finally finally finally rebounded. When will you finally confess your San and get out underneath your own sentence of death because of year San and your life. And found thirty eight eighteen I will declare my iniquity and now will be an anguish over my sin singing, or San. San this took a year of God's heavy discipline. And the result of it is saying, in second time, you twelve Nathan said today, that the Lord put away your San and you won't die. However, because of what you've done you've given great occasion to the enemy of the Lord to blaspheme him, thus the child, who is going to be born to you. Shall surely die principle, while God forgives then he does not necessarily remove the consequences. So Galatian six seven says, don't be to see God is not mocked whatever man. So he's also going to reap not only did David face the loss of his Chow much more came in second Samuel twelve nine ten eleven even his own children turned against him. Many many, many years of discipline. There's a lot more to say and ran out of time. I hope this makes sense. Are you listening? Is it speaking to you, if so? Get with it change your ways. Now why you can't I pray you will until next week. It's req- saying, thank you for listening to the flat line..

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