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Oh three point five FM and W. T. O. P. dot com Stephanie gains Brian good morning while bad news at the corona virus pandemic encouraging information is coming out of Montgomery County we have a total of six cases in Montgomery County and I'm happy to report that the first three cases are reported last Thursday have all cleared and have been cleared to return back to their normal daily life schedules that's Montgomery County department of health and Human Services health officer Dr Travis gales who also says the other three cases are doing well clinically and are stable as expected yesterday afternoon president trump declared a national emergency over the corona virus the action I am taken will open up access to up to fifty billion dollars of very importantly very important and a large amount of money for states and territories and localities in our shared fight against this disease in his remarks from the rose garden he says all states have been told to open emergency operations centers and hospitals nationwide should kick in their emergency preparedness plans the announcement also includes news about a new testing approach which would pave the way for drive up testing for people who have symptoms of the illness it's four oh four we can now say that all schools in our region will keep their door shot through at least March twenty seventh yesterday afternoon Virginia governor Ralph Northam ordered schools to close for at least two weeks the same move Maryland's governor made Thursday DC public schools will close through March thirty first more now from WTOP's Michelle bash in a statement governor Northam says he recognizes that this move will create a hardship on many families but it will allow schools to be cleaned and disinfected and help slow the spread of the corona virus some Virginia school districts plan to stay closed longer than two weeks because of spring break for example Fairfax county public schools are closed through April tenth and schools in falls church and Manassas city are closed through April thirteenth Michelle Basch WTOP news we're also getting an update from DC's mayor and that includes news on mass gatherings in the nation's capital mayor Mario Bowser announcing B. L. H. is requiring a ban on mass gatherings and lowered the definition of a mass gathering to two hundred and fifty individuals he also says more than half of the city's work force will be tele working some operations will be performed fully remotely that won't include some essential services also for students who depend on free lunches we have announced that mill sites will be open for students as well as for seniors across the district and deputy mayor Paul Kahn says as for students that are at home we will have remote learning opportunities for all our children Mike Morello WTOP news the Washington Monument is closed to the public today and it is closed indefinitely also VP concerns are prompting major changes on the rails WTOP's Max Smith is tracking metro twenty four seven metro is cutting service until.

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