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Trae young stay with US trade. Do you remember the last time. Maybe the only time you and I have been in these. Espn Seaport Studios Yes. It's crazy 'cause last time I was here. was draft day Early in the morning. crazy day but yeah. That was the last time I think it would have been drafted draft day. Two thousand was it in seventeen. It was it was a morning of the draft. You were here with your dad. Ray Your agent Omar Wilkes from Octagon. And you were here doing all the morning shows. You're doing get up. Maybe sportscenter morale was here. Jay Bilas we're in there and I remember standing in We have those big windows that overlook the river there. Remember saying there with your with your agent Omar Wilkes and I think your dad to trying to navigate that night of the draft and I think I had reported the day before the draft night before the Dallas was was interested in trying to move up to get don-shik and I knew Atlanta was kind of in the driver's seat there. Yeah you know with the pick and that was a You you think. Think back to that draft and that night like how much uncertainty there was right until you the deal came down just as third pick was being announced I think they were. They had the support of the agreement. Yeah no it was. It was a a lot of a lot of different things. Being said BEF In the morning Omar. I was telling me different things. They kind of just let me enjoy the day and having my dad where we're talking I guess they. I kind of figured figured out a thought that the trae was going to happen between Dallas Atlanta early on in the day and They didn't want me to enjoy all the different theories. I was doing the media days I had going on This enjoy the day and didn't tell me until literally the third pig therapeutic was was made so The the trade had happened. So yeah I think like Travis. Lincoln and Donnie Nelson and mark. Cuban think they were hashing out like the details of. I always felt that was going to happen is that they went on because I because I knew Atlanta wanted you travis. Link from the very beginning it's scattered throughout you were his guy and Dallas Dallas felt strongly about Luanch and they have always you know their history with Dirk and they've always been partial to international players open to the idea and it always felt like they were going to get there on a deal but they don't get there till they're that was the night to remember with the hats right people. I I know that bothers bothers people that you like. The traits happened. But it's not been called into the league so everyone always gets flustered. You're wearing yeah. I wrong hat. Yeah I mean it's this kind of weird so now every time I look back on draft day or you look back at the video you see. Megan call them walking across stage. Mass Hat He's walking across stage with the Hawks as was kind of weird different. But it happens. I think is exciting after lead to to do that whenever on draft night But now it's definitely weird trade fourth in the League in scoring twenty seven point eight points fourth in the League in assists eight point five. I remember when you were coming out. mark Kriegel from. ESPN did a great piece about you. And and your dad. Ray Remember one of the things you you said. Was I want to lead the league someday in scoring and assists right tiny archibald is. Done it yeah. Top foreign both in your second year. Yes what about where you thought you'd be. I think so. I mean I knew I had a chance especially how hard our off season To do some some big things as a share I worked extremely hard and yeah no Archibald only one who's who's who's I think he's the only one who's ever done it and and I owe myself to a high standard so for me. It's so about the workout. Put it in the off season in the confidence. I have so Yeah I indepth can see myself when doing it. Trae six and twenty one where the hawks are right now. You're almost in about the same spot last last year. The one common denominator no John Collins this year with the suspension last year with an injury. Think you felt this team was ready to take a step up like people were talking about. Hey this is the league past team. Probably not a playoff team yet but this is going to be a team. People WanNa Watch every night people watch watch for you but when when you learn of John Collins a suspension and he's GonNa lose you know essentially from beginning of the year till will you know through mid late December here. Is this about what you expected knowing what you had left knowing what it takes seeing going through the league once what it takes to win. Yeah now it's definitely tough is definitely todd losing your best players on your team. He's He's a mean he's continuing to work now to get ready for when he gets back to be ready to jump right in and make a difference but Yeah whenever it happened is it was sad news. We are there for John. I felt I felt bad for him. 'cause I mean we were working out a lot this summer together rather I saw the work. He put in in the stuff that he was able to do. We're looking to make a big jump this year obviously With him being auto. It's been tough but we're ready to get him back Here here soon and We're going to focus on that and moving forward. Is it hard to be a really relevant player in this league. If your team's not winning at all no matter what you're doing individually. Yeah it's it's tough it's for me it's When is the only thing I care about? Numbers that as good for for looks that but for me. It's all about winning the that's all I care about coming into the business. All care about the end of the season is how much one where I've been able to leave my team and a and So far we haven't been able to to mean to grab as many wins as I've wanted as our team has wanted so It's it's all about. It's all about game better and We've had we've had a tough steph scheduled to start the season too so Not The schedule. Beer Taylor. More Home Games. I you're coming up so it'd be good for US tray. I had one of your former teammates on the podcast last week. Taurean Prince and he told. Tell me something I thought was pretty interesting. The first college game he ever saw in person he played in the first NBA game. He ever saw him person. He put a hawks. Six Jersey on your. Your childhood was just the opposite. You grew up in Norman Oklahoma City around you all the time but the NBA you. You're down the road from Oklahoma City and You and your Dad Ray would go a lot to the games there and we'll get to that because that was pretty neat what you guys are doing game night but do you have like any context when you think about trying to build with young players in Atlanta and it's hard at first and it doesn't look good it doesn't look pretty it takes here. It is really hard for young teams to win especially with the injuries. But you grew up around that thunder team. Yeah that went through that when you were a young kid you see you have that context. 'cause you grew up around a an NBA team that now. Their trajectory rectory went fast. Yeah but does that resonate with you. Yeah it does it definitely does. It's Kinda crazy. Bring that out. 'cause I mean at three play the rockets in in Houston Able to talk to Russ after a man known for for a long time and Someone of I can talk ought to and gives me a lot of really good advice. He he's talking about his his first season via and when they lost twenty seven games straight. is crazy to see. See that I remember as a kid going to their games and There's watching him play in that the whole young team and just where they were they started started to where the big three really finish Going to the finals in Anna. Obviously breaking up But just I mean the growth if they have when they were just starting together I definitely see I mean a young team like having a chance to hopefully doing that. How long did you talk with? Russ after that game with Houston. I talked to him for. I've talked for a little bit For shaves is a good dude. I mean obviously on the court. He's a dog but He's he's a he's someone who's very very genuine is a good to your rookie year. You beat them at home you you drilled them at home last year when you think of like all the moments in your rookie year to beat. Russell Westbrook beat Oklahoma City. Given you spent at your whole childhood at those games at the one that sticks out with you. Yeah it definitely is definitely up there Ricky season without the definite big moment for means I've been there. I remember going to shoot around that morning of the game and just seeing this looking back where I had my season and tickets at in the stands. This is pretty cool to to to remember those moments. So you drive from Norman to Oklahoma City for the game You would get to the arena win on a game night. Depending on who is playing most of the time. It was an hour and a half before the game whenever they opened the doors. So you'd be standing on the steps of the arena waiting for those doors to open. Yeah Yeah I would make my dad. He wouldn't want to get there that early. Make sure once I got home from school homework At the practice makes you my dad's ready to leave so we can get there for and so would you be the guy like running down the stairs like people start going to the arena. which would be running down the stairs to get down to especially the Super Young Prior like the Middle School Years I was definitely one of those guys. I was running down just trying to get close to the court so I can see those guys warm up and that was the thing right trae watching different guys warm up routines. Yeah Yeah it was. It was something that I mean I took. I love the details though things that stood out to me so just go in there and just watching the warm up and see how they prepare for a game with was I mean you need to me. What was Kevin Durant Mansa routine? His is a lot of balance stuff I mean. He vowed stuffy he still does. Today is a lot of balances him doing stuff. I mean you can't do any game because he's spending on one leg landing on two and Just a lot of balancing Some not remember his about Russ Russ he was doing a lot of mid range a lot of a lot of Just move in A lot of a lot of shooting Just used US breaking a sweat on the he was there. He was there.

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