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And then it just happens in your head you're like oh what fun yes we're here we're talking and now we're taking a picture rate s best the best i i have to be of service it's a star in the broadway musical waitress which is based on yes expands a great show it is a great show so the musical waitress is based on a movie and keri russell starred in this movie about a gifted pie baking waitress who falls in love with her gynecologist you play the gynocologist you actually had a connection to the music of this piece as sarah rela is the singer songwriter who wrote the lyrics a few years ago was her gynecologist and she said could you write us you know i was on her guidance colleges i was just lucky enough to sing the duets on her concept album of this music that she wrote the doctor character so that was two years ago i thought wow and then i got to watch the show grow and it was became a huge success and then two years later she called and asked me if i'd want to be in the show now at the time when you say duets were you thinking god i'd love to hop on stage you know really did not think that i'd never thought that would happen i felt like maybe i was too young to naive i never finished college how how could i be a doctor.

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