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Dale or or owned mattress or or down he was hit by a hit and run person shoving his squad over a bridge into a creek and that sounds kinda bad but it's way worse when you look at the picture because he his squad car went twenty feet if fell twenty feet with him in the squad he landed on its roof but the thing that i love in this story and love telling you about and by the way hold on he he was they did not tell us how badly injured he was last night it's a lot worse than they told us last night last night the way it seemed all of us with some kind of a minor to serious slash minor injury its way worse than that he still hospitalized he has punctured lungs broken ribs broken teeth a broken clavicle in a ruptured your drawn but the best part of the story is because there's a very good part of the story is the would looks like twenty or so people from around the area neighborhood that were driving or walking by came over and jumped down her that creek and they helped that car and they helped police officers push his squad over so that they could free him and these folks are heroes and i love him very much for what they did ill one guy looks like he's got a blunt shoved in the behind as you i mean like the syria whatever legacy lahood but he helped they'll helped let's hear the audio this from w f a tv channel i love this i want to highlight this who trying to like get him out car because he's when we saw the police thousands arms over the wheel anaemia like a couple of gases in his for thank you thank you for helping.

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