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Practicing cultism without approval by the regime, and these debunk IRS who were being hired to enlighten people started to get the stop on their tail. So you know, what we don't really like what you're doing. Because you're undermining the, you know, magicians, circle, the magic circle, and they're magicians you're giving the tricks of the trade away, you're undermining their act like will yet because they're they're doing cultism, and they're making people believe they can transport themselves in talk to dead people and know in clairvoyance in and Hitler in the shop, intervene and say, yeah, we'd prefer you to do that. After all of his supposedly Cultus stuff about how Germans need to be scarred educated. The few bunkers they have are told the can't do the performances anymore because undermining belief in magic or faith in magic. So it's really contradictory embitterment and Hitler's actually friends with the head of the Hitler of the magician circle is guide named helmet Schreiber. I have a picture of them together in my book. So there you go like there's not a consistent policy against a cultism or border science or paganism. They they rehabilitate bunch of freemasons as they joined the party and don't beat sectarian groups anymore. Mum biodynamic agriculture. What are the main pillars of anthroposophy one of the most popular cult doctrines the last hundred years you've probably heard a Steiner, I'm assuming that's he comes up because of Waldorf schools stuff. Find a gun culture says you've got a planet. Certain. Times when the moon and stars there's cert alignments. There's absolutely no proof. It works. It's based on Cosmo biology astrology, you've got almost every leading Nazi promoting it. To the point where even Heidrick who's arresting everybody. Right. Like, you know, what he writes, Dr a and later Himmler, you wanna have biodynamic agriculture farmers. That's fine. Just make sure they're not doing the other anthroposophy stuff that they're not going to Dr schools and say Rudolf, Steiner's personal savior, if they're not doing that. I want arrest them. But it get it shows the ability. It's that the the supernatural thinking that the bothers them it's the potential rivalry with their own politics. Their own ideas around organizations or the St.. At the end of the book, you were talking about Nazi wonder weapons, and I. I've been watching with this Dane, the amount of modern takes on history. Archaeology the paranormal that seemed to celebrate the Nordic celebrate the idea that the Nazis had magic weapons that Hitler still survived. These ideas to me at first they seem like harmless, you know, fantasy, but the more I look into the warm concern that these were actually ideas of of Nazis didn't win the war but wanted to keep the ideas alive. Have you looked at any of that is are these ideas themselves sourced from Nazi ideas? Also, you there's a few different things in the cluster of of questions just raise which are really good one. What I'm trying to show is the banality supernatural thanking not glorify it not talk about torchlight processions at the veils Berg, and yeah, they're evil. But isn't it kind of cool that they resuscitate? Arthur I'm trying to show without being disdained full of people who believe in the culture new age because many Americans do I don't think every which is a potential Nazi how the the absurdity of a lot of this. And how it was usually unproductive. Right. It may have helped them get power among small group of of Germans and get away with certain things. But ultimately undermined a lot of what they did. And the miracle weapons is just a case study of that they had all this great technology, but they often made decisions about whether pursue nuclear power not based on series of Irian physics or World Series versus Jewish physics. They put way too much money into weird projects because Hitler Himmler loved rocket ships in science fiction that they'd been reading in the twenties and thirties and didn't understand hidden forces that were actually real like, atomic physics terribly. Well, because it was Jewish. So they didn't invest a lot in right beer. I use fear is it's wonderful. He's the most important minister when it comes to World War to he's the one in charge of the entire armaments industry..

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