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We're not supposed to do that. Now, I think the Jews were supposed to do that in the Old Testament. They wanted God wanted to be their king directly. They demanded a king and ultimately gave it to him. But I think you'd probably agree with that history. Maybe you would in fact, I'd be interested. If you didn't but Christians for sure and Jews today, we don't want. The accuracy do we know? I mean, even even in the Old Testament God is is really dicey about kingship and monarchy Samuel is really not happy with the concept of of the Jews wanting a king. He wants to be a much more direct relationship between people and God. Without this sort. Of intermediary cramming things down from from the top. It's supposed to be a relationship between God and his children as opposed to somebody who's actually the enforcement mechanism for for God from the from the top. That's a point. So even that was not what we think of the Agassi today. Right. And even in that theocracy existed in a different setting the different time. Obviously there are many rabbinic responses to specifically this issue because Jews have never been in controlled Flynn for a couple of thousand years up until nineteen forty seven nineteen forty eight again. So then there's the third issue with with church and synagogue, and that is I think the most troublesome one for a lot of conservatives and Republicans, and it gets into some pretty dicey political territory, which is of course, what makes this fun. So that is there I see it a lot among young people, which is the feeling that. Okay. So you don't want the accuracy, and you have values that you're preaching. What are you willing to say about Pol? Titians who are doing good stuff for you? But may not share your values and this obviously, I'm referring to President Trump. Yeah. There's a lot of controversy over how the local community has treated President Trump with some people saying that the job will community has acted unfaithful in a certain sense by green-lighting his bad behavior. Other people saying well you have to back him. I mean, the opposition is legitimately anti-life. I mean, not not pro choice, but sell affirmatively celebrating abortion. So how do you separate out the various strands of of how Trump should be treated by by Christians? If they want to reach out, particularly intellectually, honest way too young people, I think that obviously it was a dilemma going in. And for me when I didn't support him during the primaries. And there are a lot of things about him. I didn't like as you. Well know, I see Trump as. Kind of the general in a culture war and in a war for our salvation of the country. Secular salvation, I don't mean literally, I see the left is so crazy and in so anesthetic to our views, and what we are vision of America that I applaud Trump fighting now, I don't like all the things he does obviously. And I don't wanna lose my. Credibility, or intellectual honesty by defending things that he does that. I don't think are right. But since he's been in office as opposed to before I don't see him misbehaving that intern doesn't know sexual dalliances. None of that kind of thing. He hasn't been accused of any of those kinds of things everything has come up is about what occurred prior to being an office. I think Trump one of the reasons I was for crews and and not for Trump originally. I didn't believe he was a conservative. And I think I was rational in believing that you look at his past. I don't believe I'm selling out by now saying, I'm supporting the fact, the welcome fact that he is changed at least he's changed in terms of his policies. What we anticipated and what he's doing? He's governing for the most part is conservative and that's gratifying to me his tweets. Yeah. I don't like the tone of some of them, obviously. And you've mentioned some I don't even say, but I do like the. Fact that he's fighting see I think one of the reasons we have this problem. Trump is a symptom of to me we have a perception that the Republican party wasn't fighting that they were squish is that they wouldn't ever fight Obama when on budget battles that they're always catering every time there's a compromise between Republicans and Democrats. The ball of socialism is marched a little bit incrementally down the field. You never see go the other way when there's a compromise..

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