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He'll his every frame speaking of feeling is essence also with us star the film he needs no introduction because you all know him from his previous appearance on drinking fun time you gene simon yes thanks for anyone he didn't listen to the episode that eugene were previously we can also remind them that eugene all seeing game of thrones always excite i can give it away that anybody who listened to the first episode that we were on probably unsubscribe from your podcast terrible i apologize i apologize just a series of spoilers no such spoilers will be incorporated into this coast we had very very poke spoiler free just picks episodes willy nilly so i see other pay episode roulette do that one season five nine let's go with that two guys before we jump in and start talking about residents i wanna give you some wine because that's what we're doing here we go a little red wine this was called abstract it's sort of like would you say your filmmaking styles kind of abstract i would not i would say that i it was testing you but thank you this wine is cooled abstract all the abstract is cooled upstream it is a blend of grenache rob petite surat i'm very drink a lot of wine my memories are apps there can you describe what that looks like this i'm looking at this this beautiful bottle the label the labels around the buttle it look it looks like it looks like it's a colour posters of celebrities everything from mckenzie elvis presley i can see how much she the queen i can see i can see john wayne i can see i can see a couple of i feel like some some mugshots of a couple of maybe a coup maybe a couple of cartel criminals i can see some fretting ashamed sir edmund hillary so edmund hillary.

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