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Family units apparent with with one or two children some very young children, and it was a cold night. And they were released they went to greyhound. And greyhound. My understanding is that greyhound and call the police to say this business you need to move them. Out Garcia says that according to parents who were staying in overcrowded government, holding facilities. Children were not getting routine health screenings, but medical care was provided. Homeland security secretary to Nielsen is scheduled to tour several facilities in Texas today after second migrant child died in US custody this month, the eight year old boy had the flu leaders of Germany and France are calling on Russia to release two dozen Ukrainian sailors who were seized along with their ships last month. NPR psoriasis are haughty Nelson reports a capture in a straight near Russia annexed Crimea as Scalia the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron urged Moscow to release the Ukrainians in time for Orthodox Christmas next month in their joint statement, they also renewed calls for the safe passage of all ships through the Kerch strait that separates. Crimea for mainland Russia. The two European leaders vowed to keep up pressure to enact twenty fifteen Peacedale for eastern Ukraine, but neither Russia nor Ukraine appear willing to end the tensions Moscow. The twenty four sailors. They are holding a legally crossing the Russian border Kiev. Meanwhile, accuses Russia of military aggression and legally capturing the Ukrainian tugboat and two gunboats. Psoriasis Sarhadi, Nelson.

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