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Take that in from more pot dispensaries than they have starbucks mcdonald's and seven elevens combined in the city of denver since two thousand thirteen denver has seen crime spike the two thousand sixteen crime rate increased four percent the violent crime rate was up nine percent but the denver police say the data is inconclusive it's inconclusive and they do have all of these that's just a coincidence and look the advocates did say at the time that you'd expect crime rate to go down because people are mellow when they smoked dope but you see come a magnet for deadbeats and all of that good stuff if a marijuana dispensary is burglar burglarized that because it was a marijuana dispensary if it were a liquor store or a stereo store would it have been burglarized as well well i if people were looking for stereos or what whatever then yeah i would be but if people are looking to steal lots of pot then you see you don't rob a stereo store see how that works the data is so tough to nail down and say this crime happened because of marijuana it's just almost impossible to do that two years ago denver mayor michael hancock blamed illegal marijuana for drawing people to a pedestrian mall downtown where violent incidents were happening in one case a transient swung a pvc pipe at people nearby police did not classify that crime as marijuana related site remember the old saturday night live they go to central park to buy marijuana and get killed every time in fort collins colorado larimer county sheriff justin smith is one of the few law enforcement leaders in the state to publicly blame legal marijuana for rising crime it doesn't claim that smoking a joint makes you more likely to rob a bank the connection between cannabis and crime has often indirect and not captured by official statistics he said it's not a casual thing the sheriff said arguing that instead that legal weed is attracting a growing seasonal transient population a population that he said is more likely to commit crime every third inmate and the larimer county jail he said is a transient and you go by and ask them and they'll tell you we came here because of marijuana.

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