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You're not going to get thanked the longstanding rail madrid and barcelona running away with it or they were fired munich running away from it. Yeah or the old firm just always being the top two So it always has a little bit of little bit of interest into it. Plus the dynamic of of people coming down from the top flight and coming up from the third division. And there's always this mix and some some teams come from third and they thrive like Holstein kiel have been really really competitive and you can see that there is are on the price they want to get up in the top flight. And then there are huge. Clubs like are steph said nurnberg who really are or hanover. Ninety six really are too big in theory in hospital to be in the second division because of the number of members that they have and the amount of of money that generates but they just it has to exist on the football pitch. It doesn't matter how many members you have or how many dollars you have the bank account. You have to build a super competitive that has to be able to adjust week to week and or have such a strong identity that it's undeniable. An an schulkin. Shoka is a perfect example That's gonna be fun to watch next. Senator and vertebrae mun is not a huge club. But they've been in the bundesliga for a really long time and they'll be bringing some quality down with them as well. We have two rivals in huntsville. Rostock and dynamo dresden From an ideological point of view that there's there's that political rivalry Because our our Outlook on the world does not align. So i mean. There's there's the the football derbies there's the ideological arby's And it's it's you never know what's going to happen. It's such a wild ride year after year. What has it meant you. What has it brought to. Your lives. Just took a picture of a lot of football shirts..

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