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California's top medical experts because they've been proven to be highly effective. You can hear there trying to convince people that it is safe to go ahead and get it. This is part of an all hands on deck approach that California is launching. Now they're going to be utilized. Using just about everybody with medical training Dennis midwives, the National Guard to give shots at these sites that are opening up around the state. Here's the governor today, speeding up the administration, not just priority groups. But also now opening up large sites to do so, meaning Dodger Stadium Padre Stadium, Cal Expo. These large mass vaccination sites and California's not alone, other states said they're opening up MLB parks football stadiums to get them go in State Farm Stadium in Arizona home of the Cardinals, and, more recently, the 40 Niners as well. Becoming a 24 7, mass vaccination site in places like California, where $2.2 million has been delivered on Lee 800,000. Given that this state's got plenty to give out, and now the hope being that at Dodger Stadium about 12,000 day, the other sites will be quite active as well. And that now as we get into these later groups of one A and one B where you've got Those who are 75 plus and then eventually 65, then 50 or 55. Plus that this will really speed up at these mass vaccination sites. Of course, Alex not everybody wants or will get the vaccine. How many have to have it to have the desired impact? Yeah, well, the belief being same as if it were to be heard. Immunity right around 75% 75 80% So There's a lot of work to go there being that, at least right around the time a month or so ago, when the vaccine was just beginning to roll out that that polls were finding that anywhere from 40 to 2 52 55% of people said that they were definitely going to get it. So there's a lot of people saying No, they're not going to get it. And that leaves a lot of folks that are are open that that probably won't have the antibodies that if they did have them from getting the infection that they had it long enough ago that those antibodies have faded away, and then they're susceptible to getting it again. But the numbers got to be pretty high up there. To really create that herd immunity, which, by the way, the W. H O said today that even with the vaccine and with people getting Cove it and then getting the antibodies that we likely will get nowhere near herd immunity or population immunity in 2021 that it's going to be in masks and social distancing and rules in place. They believe that the chief scientist of the W H O All the way through. At least 2021. Well, that is not what people wanted to hear. Alex. No, I know. Wow. Okay. L A B C's Alex Stone. Thank you for the update. You gotta Thanksgiving. Okay,.

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