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Piper CBS News 303 traffic and Weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic. All the threes troubles up to the North. Still, Michael, he travels up to the north. Yeah, then we've got 93 North. Awful delays route 62 Wilmington. Up to and over. 3.5, Miles, all big lights. This is a crash right? A dashcam rode a three car pile up in the high speed lane just happened about five minutes ago. You want to avoid it now for 95 south is locked up Well before route 38 to expiry down into Lowell, four miles they're from an earlier left lane crashed by Route three. 1 20 eights. Good For now. Waltham Up into Wakefield will see how long that lasts on being negative to the South. The expressway South, inching along from the tunnel down through Savin Hill, Furnace Brook Parkway to display to North Founds Jam. Granted. Have a passing A pontiff, but not too bad After that, Ruth reinstalled out coming off the expressway, then Rudy Town route 18 down to Derby Street. 93 is now slow either way. Getting to route 24 0 in Brockton. There's fire department activity going on along route 27 Pleasant Street Really right around the corner from the West Gate Mall. Ifyou're familiar, Eso route 27 shutdown between Lennox in West Watch for those detours. Well, the mass pike westbound good out towards for 95 eastbound is now jammed up giving in past call MAV downtown. Where the left lane is closed with ongoing roadwork miking w B. C's traffic on the three partly cloudy skies as we head through the evening temperatures about 60 or so near the shore closer to 50 in the inland suburbs. Partly study tomorrow little like today 70 to 75.

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