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But some of what we lost our people that were just there for the event. Well, I wanted to bring this up because I think there have been some races that have delivered all the way this year. And and I think the plate races are super speedways almost in general bring a good product. They they're usually very entertaining Texas had one of their best races ever. The Bristol race was fantastic. I felt like that this Talladega race. If I'm ranking was pretty close to a tent, you got the driver that most of our fans love that one. You had all of these league changes. You had some crashes you had spectacular crash would call are some barrel rolling down the backstretch. Thankfully, he was. Okay. But one of the other things jumped out at me is and this is the reason I love superspeedway racing. And we touched on this a little bit earlier. Third place Ryan priests. That's not going to happen at Kansas or Charlotte. He's he's not going to finish third Daniel Hamrick fifth. Excellent run for him Ryan Newman seven he's not finishing. Seventh at Kansas at Amal and a half track. For brash fin way, Brendan gone eight in in basically, a one off deal at coral joy, finishes eleven an and I love that. I love the fact that we have underdogs with their chance for the sun to shine on them. That's always important. It's always one of the things seems like more. So it tell data than Daytona Daytona. Although we lump them together. Daytona steel oughta times comes comes down to handling especially in recent years as tracks continue to to wear and tear, but but both of those races. But especially Talladega always get several. You know, first time winners at Talladega. Several guys at one they're only Cup race at Talladega. And you always have that. Opportunity that draft as a great equalizer, and it you at the time it coalition. I saw something he tweeted earlier with a while. He hadn't tweeted out after his after his eleventh place finish he said was because he drove the motorhome home last night. Situated to be able to you know, tweet out to to the fans. And that's that's a that's a race that it wasn't a win. But a big boost momentum wise and financially for his racing. Yeah. We're talking about movies earlier. And if there's a movie that you really like, maybe you'll wanna watch it over and over and over again if you're call Bush fan, and and he keeps getting victory lane. He keeps winning. You're you're happy to watch that over and over again. But every once in a while, you probably gonna wanna see a different movie. I mean, it's just nice to have a different chain of events. Something else to talk about other people to shine a spotlight on you know, it it just helps keep things fresh and those teams work hard, those crew members travel and work just as hard as the other team members do maybe harder maybe harder with, you know, trying to do more with less, and it it's helpful for them to get this kind of spotlight shone on. That's that's an excellent point Alexis. We have not seen. In this movie this year with Chevrolet running up front at.

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