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Who am i to think that i've done anything is a long time the short time to to be someone that people won't be able to critique that was always i understood the challenges and and and and why people were afraid of change but more importantly understood why people were afraid of education and and that it was a mindset of the athletes that allow people to act in such a way there was also incapability of those around athlete and not warning to be in position of those around the athletes more so warning a short term success so when i decided to take a leaf out and and and take that step forward in my own business there wasn't a monetary decision in the day we would not take another would have any way and i've always been a man of principle in the manner respect this house race so for me been able to help these young athletes and perhaps help them provide structure work with families i love the game i love the game of basketball there's never day go by our watch basketball love the game of basketball and and and discuss it the next day and i was up to three in the morning last night you know talking to two two guys who was who games ended on the west coast and may have been travelling through different city and we we talked about you know what happened in the game so.

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